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UpMedio’s branding and design services go beyond online media. We also offer printed media and packaging design. Packaging design helps to keep the external world organized. In today’s visual age, aesthetics mean everything.

A package design that stands out on the shelf or online must clearly communicate both functional and emotional benefits and can be the deciding factor in consumers choosing your brand. Your package must work hard to be noticed and do its job to connect with consumers. The packaging is one of the main features of most brand communications effectively carrying out your messaging through to audiences.

Packaging can include a range of different materials such as paper, plastic, chipboard, glass or even aluminium. Packaging design utilizes different graphic design styles, colors and fonts that can be used on wrappings, in a box design, in beverage products such as cans and bottles, as well as food packaging containers.

We offer a world of different ideas and eye-catching packaging design concepts so you can stand out from the competition. We can bring your brand packaging to life with the perfect design for your product to capture the attention of your consumers’ minds and emotions.

Packaging design that gets your product onto the shelves or e-commerce sites and into consumer’s shopping baskets.

Let our packaging design company take care of your packaging design either for the Thai markets or beyond. Being based in Bangkok, Thailand we know the Thai market. Our extensive research has enabled us to understand the local consumers’ mindset and how our clients can best reach them.

Our Packaging Design Agency Offers Printed Media and Product Package Design

Branding, Packaging Design and printed media aren’t always the same thing, although they do share similarities in their creation. Our team of designers can produce the right creative idea for your product package.

Marketing is a lot more effective when your product and brand are presented through unconventional means. We conceptualize and design packaging that adds value to your brand and product along with meaning for consumers. A unique eye-catching packaging design is more likely to leave a lasting impression on customers than a standard packaging design. Whether you are re-branding or creating something new, we can help you clarify your objectives, information hierarchy and design messaging points for your packaging.

We can also consult with you on how to simplify your packaging design and the materials used so that you can make a greater profit while still maintaining a high level of quality in the eyes of your customers. Going green and using recycled materials is also another route you can take.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Mass quantity projects such as campaign leaflets, flyers and brochures

Rollup Banners and other display advertising


Designing and printing billboards

All our work is provided in high-resolution files. Check out our extensive design portfolio for ideas and inspiration for your brand or product package design.