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Maintain Lasting Relationships With Newsletters Crafted By Our In-house Team Of Graphic Designers

Newsletters deliver your message in a form that is proven to be fresh and up-to-date. It is a tool that is most effective in keeping lasting relationships with your consumers. It is important to have your newsletters customized in a way that can capture the attention of your target audience. For this reason, UpMedio’s team of skilled designers is put at your disposal for the creation of an email campaign that can successfully accomplish your goals.

Establish a Successful Email Campaign Made to Convert Leads into Buying Customers

It is in our goal to establish an email campaign that takes all aspects of your brand into consideration including your target audience, budget, and market positioning. Together, we set the objectives of our collaboration and deliver effective advertising that can boost product sales and overall profit. We make sure that the newsletters we customize can keep your customers interested in everything you have to offer and that your opening rate grows at a steady rate.

Encourage Engagement with a Compelling and Effective Email Campaign

Our in-house team of experts and creative designers at UpMedio provide newsletter design services that are tailored to your specifications with perfect use of texts, color schemes, images, and layouts. Emails are designed to encourage customer engagement on every device. Latest tools and technologies are utilized to bring you grade-A service and effective communication no matter where you are!

We Will Generate a Detailed Report Measuring Your Performance

Once your email campaign is up and running, we make sure to follow up in order to guarantee stability and effectiveness. Progress is regularly monitored as to recognize areas that are in need of improvement. With UpMedio, support is always granted when the need for it arises.

What is an Email Newsletter?

Everyone knows that one of the most effective ways to market your business is through email marketing. However, the overall success of an email marketing campaign relies heavily on a company’s email list of subscribers who engage with the content and grow the business online through this active engagement. A good way to maintain the interest of subscribers is through regular and engaging email newsletters. A newsletter is a document that is sent out to a specific email list periodically. It is designed to keep your audience informed of the latest goings-on in your company, including your services and products.

What is the purpose of a newsletter design?

Email newsletters facilitate direct communication with potential customers, which makes the newsletter one of the most influential digital marketing tools available today.

While newsletters are not designed for the purpose of making sales, they are designed to capture attention and are an effective form of online marketing that keeps your audience interested. Especially in today’s social climate, many clients prefer receiving an interesting newsletter over being expected to speak to a salesperson on the phone.

More and more newsletters are being used as a platform to promote action in another form from your clients:

  • Purchase something from an online store
  • Partake in a giveaway or prize draw
  • Read a new case study, usually on the benefits of your services or related to an element of your company
  • Sign up for an event that is upcoming
  • Read a new blog post that might be of interest to clients and customers

How effective are newsletter designs for growing your business?

The best kind of newsletters contain meaningful information and add real value to the experience of clients and customers. Brand trust is built through continual trusted communication so that your audience keeps thinking about your business, and your business is the one that comes to mind when the audience needs to make a purchase. This is achieved through the process of building relationships. Your audience wants to feel understood and wants to see that your business understands their needs.

Ever wondered how effective email marketing actually is? Let’s take a look at some stats.

  • Percentage of customers who want to see emails from the brands they love: 49%
  • Percentage of B2B marketers who believe that newsletters are a great way to build leads: 31%
  • Dollar amount in returns made (on average) per dollar spent on email marketing: $36

Another of the many benefits of email marketing is that you maintain access to your email list as long as you maintain relationships with recipients.

What should be in a newsletter design?

There are various different types of newsletters that are used for different purposes:

  • News about deals, promotions, and sales
  • Testimonials and Case Studies
  • Interviews with Industry Experts
  • Guides or ebooks relevant to the industry or the business
  • Weekly content digests

However, this should not put you off from unique newsletter designs and the employment of email newsletter design services to make sure that you provide the best possible product to your audience. Each newsletter should provide value to the audience. It should never seem like you are on an email marketing campaign just for the sake of it.

It might also be pertinent to send different types of newsletters to different parts of your email list. Newsletter design services can certainly provide a custom newsletter template that is appropriate to your specific email marketing needs. You want to send emails that will mean something and create interest with your audience. Something that is geared specifically to that type of client and can focus on products and services that are appropriate for their demographic.

Email Marketing: Thailand

UpMedio offers tailored email marketing services in Thailand, including email newsletter design, Facebook and social media marketing, and even provides SEO agency services. We are experts in email marketing and can grow your business online in a cost-effective and customer-centered way. Our newsletter design services include unlimited editing until you are happy with the final product.

We will deliver value for money products all over the internet, including creative new layout designs, brand awareness, logo design for businesses, and much more. Our service is inclusive and cost-effective, and our expertly trained writers know exactly how to get your message across eloquently and meaningfully so that you can generate revenue and traffic straight from online page. Contact us today to find out more about our service focus and how we can help manage and develop your brand. We have helped dozens of companies get to the front page of search engines or use the latest technologies to create something truly memorable for their client or customer.

Our newsletter design service includes e-mail implementation, a message design service, etc. Any help that you could require with your e-mail newsletter design can be covered by UpMedio. We communicate, engage, and enthrall an audience with fabulous newsletter designs so that your company can collect the benefits of our efforts.