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The online space is unpredictable and highly volatile. What’s even worse is that there is no way to predict any sudden negative impact or instability in your system. To that end, it is highly recommended to ensure that your content, assets and the entirety of your website are safely backed up in the case that the live version currently in use, is ever lost or jeopardized. Having a solid backup and restoration system is the bare minimum that can be done to ensure that while you strive for the best, you’ll always be ready for the worst.

The First Stage To Successfully Securing Your Assets

The first step of the process. This entails storing all of your data, a mirror image of your website on secure servers that are inaccessible to anyone but those you grant access yourself. Upmedio offers its servers as hosts to your backup and takes up the duty of constantly updating it, as to maintain a fresh and recent mirror copy of your website stored instead of outdated versions.

Recover Your Lost Data and Restore Your Assets With Our Backup and Restore Services

Once a mirror image has been stored on our servers, it remains secure until such a time that you find yourself in need of restoring it. Whether it is due to loss of data or simply to retrace your steps back to a more confident and familiar standpoint, you have complete control over the restoration process of your website. Through a few simple clicks and private access, you have the ability to trace back your steps through a timeline of stored versions of your website.