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Cutting-Edge Linkedin Advertising Services in Bangkok, Thailand

Companies are using LinkedIn for professional networking, but whether they’re optimizing their brand or not remains a question, and largely a major differentiator in the competitive corporate sector. At UpMedio, we manage your presence on the platform and identify new opportunities for growth and connections. Whether you are looking to attract new talent, create new business opportunities or consolidate your image, we can help you target the right professionals to ensure your competitive place in the market.   We leverage LinkedIn to promote your brand, in order to generate more views, clicks and conversions. Targeting the right demographics can be very important in determining the level of success and engagement for your LinkedIn, creating more awareness and recognition for your brand.   Our team of in-house professionals will manage your LinkedIn account, creating tailor-made insights on your behalf, send out connection requests, and transform your company into a thought leader in your industry. Before beginning the campaign, we will plan the strategy, linked with the right goals and success metrics.   While we develop a campaign structure that is adapted to your needs, our experts create your ideal buyer persona, to identify the most relevant audience. We will conduct a careful analysis and demographic targeting.


Setting up a Successful LinkedIn Campaign

We analyze your competition’s presence on LinkedIn to understand successful and unsuccessful company pages. By comparing your company to what the competition is doing we can learn what makes your business unique. This will help define opportunities to position your company in niche markets.   We conduct comprehensive research through the collection and analysis of information regarding your rival firms, which helps us to effectively understand and properly target your customers. This is done in order to best formulate unique and effective strategies to help you stay ahead of competition seeing as competitive intelligence allows us to make wise campaign choices that will assist you in reaching the peak of success.

Tailored Audiences For LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn advertising provides a rare and valuable opportunity if your goal is to market your company to other businesses in a specific industry. With the specificied and accurate targeting opportunity, and over 500 million users, your advertisements will reach the appropriate professionals you want to address most.   Our support covers Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Text Ads, Video Ads and Display Ads. We use advanced tactics to track ad performance, and improve existing campaigns. We regularly monitor success in the case the need to reform or edit campaigns rises, as an effort to reach higher cost efficiency and maintain positive development.


Reporting & After-Care Support for Your LinkedIn Ads Campaign

Ongoing progress is regularly evaluated and formatted into monthly reports that grant you a comprehensive summary of the effectiveness of the campaign. We provide further services and practical training so that you can continue to manage your LinkedIn campaigns to our standards even after our collaboration has ended, at which point, UpMedio’s experts will give you final recommendations and ideas for future effective posts.