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Captivate Audiences With A Custom Website

Countless studies show that responsive websites made with unique visual layouts and streamlined navigation are more likely to generate engagement and traffic, which would lead to more conversions. Our aim is to build a website that would allow you to showcase what your brand is about and make it easier for you to secure a steady flow of leads. 

Our Bangkok web design agency aims to distinguish brands online and help them stand out from their competitors in the industry. Not only that, but we can also pattern the design based on results from your market research, giving you more opportunities to connect and impress your target audience and leave a lasting first impression. Now more than ever, it is essential for a business to invest in web development and web design, social media, digital marketing, and content marketing.

Making your website work for you is ultimately what you want! For this very reason, we employ a talented team of professional web designers, software engineers, video production engineers, graphic designers, and copywriters with years of experience in website design, SEO, content development, social media marketing, e-commerce development, and back-office services in the digital world. 

Our development agency in Bangkok can build and ensure the ongoing maintenance of the first-rate website, so it’s always running optimally. Our Thailand web design agency also does mobile app development if you are in need of an application.

Your website is one of the most important aspects of your brand’s online presence. The design of an existing or a new website can significantly affect your funnel leads and give you more conversions. This means that web design should be at the forefront of your digital portfolio focus. Chat to us today to find out more about how we can implement a project to streamline your web design. Bangkok, Thailand, is the home of our office in Southeast Asia, but we are able to provide service outside of Bangkok, Thailand, as needed. 

A great business website offers its audience a captivating design and a great user experience. This, in turn, helps increase your brand authority and push you to the top of the list of any search. This is where our web design agency steps in. Upmedio is a design agency in Bangkok, Thailand, that offers clients expert design services for their own custom websites to help businesses thrive and conquer the market. Each website is designed to reflect the business’ branding and put any product under the spotlight.

Our team members deliver the best results in each project, be it for a small business or a conglomerate.

Create Effective Visual Web Content With A Leading Thailand Web Design Company

The first thing visitors will refer back to when forming an opinion on your company is the visual style element of web design. Color, imagery, typography, logo, and spatial balance leave a lasting impression and should therefore be a central focus for your web design strategy. Customers prefer to view aesthetically pleasing designs and, when given many options, are more inclined to choose what they find both efficient, reliable, and attractive. Potential clients are also more likely to purchase your products or engage with your brand if you give them a great experience.

A great layout and content are what drive a website forward. Having these will not only tell your customers that you are reliable, but it will also signify that you are ready to help them solve their problems and fulfill their needs. All of this can be achieved through professional web design. Focus on the success and growth of your business, and get professional help with web design in Thailand today.

An extraordinary website, combined with a stellar digital marketing strategy, serves as the foundation of a well-designed brand and the basis for all marketing efforts. It can also give your business or e-commerce brand the opportunity to set yourself apart from other companies and boost your sales.

For this reason, we help clients like you incorporate a content-first approach when it comes to constructing a website. You cannot ask a web designer to create a site without word count estimation and the landscape of the web pages. We believe that producing creative content beforehand will allow designers to assess the limitations and possibilities they will encounter during the development phase so that they may perform their role more efficiently and gain positive results. The focus of web design is always on success and the experience of your end-users, whether in Thailand or elsewhere in the world.

Through web research and auditing, we identify your target audience demographics and recognize their likes and dislikes in Bangkok, Thailand, and around the world. Our copywriters have the ability to craft compelling, and quality content with search engine optimization built-in to best represent your branding and improve your ranking on Google with enhanced conversion optimization.

Increase Engagement Through Better UX/UI Design

The most important thing that a web design team must keep in mind is navigation. Menu navigation is built for the role of directing potential leads towards key pages of informative content. Reliable company websites have simple-to-use menu structures containing clear and concise labels. This allows visitors to navigate sites with little to no effort, which in turn increases the chances of their visits becoming more frequent. Excellent UX/UI design is under-appreciated because people only notice when interfaces are working against them.

We can create the ultimate shopping experience on your e-commerce website with end-to-end solutions, with social media integration, and mobile readiness. We avoid unnecessary distractions such as extra buttons, rollovers, and graphics. Keeping the user experience simple and easy to follow, your website will be better optimized for SEO while eliminating any obstacles between the consumer and the check-out page. This is the power that effective web design can have.

Accelerate Visual Web Content with Bangkok’s Top Web Design Agency

The first thing visitors will refer back to when forming an opinion on your company is the visual style. Color, imagery, typography, logo, and spatial balance leave a lasting impression. Let’s face it. We like to look at pretty things, and when we are given many options, we often choose what we find both reliable and attractive. Consumers choose to engage with websites that they deem visually enticing and provide a smooth browsing experience. This is yet another reason why web design is such an important element of your business success. Contact our office in Thailand today to find out how we can help you.

Tools We Use


Webflow is a cloud-based website builder that allows developers to build a beautiful and highly customizable website. This tool also allows the user access to elements that help build a fully responsive website, which helps ensure that customers visiting the page have the best user experience.

Unlike other builders, Webflow gives website designers complete control over typography and access to global color swatches. No more boring texts or intense colors! It also makes things easier for front-end and website developers, which helps significantly reduce the time needed for a web development project.

Webflow also features fine-tuned controls, high-performance hosting, and flexible content management tools to help with search engine optimization (SEO).

Do you run an e-commerce business? Webflow makes it easier to incorporate your products into your web design. This means people visiting your site will be treated to an aesthetically pleasing experience from your landing page, product page, and up until the checkout page. Everything flows seamlessly, helping you increase your customer retention rate.


Sketch is a top-of-the-line design tool that features fundamental tools to help web designers craft amazing concepts, stellar graphic design, and pixel-precise icons. It is also used by many agencies and companies across most industries in the development of digital marketing materials.

Sketch has earned a massive following from graphic designers and freelancers with years of experience worldwide for its ability to turn design ideas into reality without compromising quality. Using this tool, digital graphic designers have access to a wide range of pre-set templates and custom templates to help them realize a vision. The tool also uses advanced technology, ensuring that each design promotes usability and creativity and is fit for use on a responsive website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a web design Bangkok company do?

It is a web designer’s responsibility to oversee the development and overall look of a website. This includes selecting the graphic design and inputting HTML, CSS and Javascript coding to make it appear aesthetically pleasing.

How can the website design boost business sales?

Studies show that 94% of a potential consumer’s first impression relates directly to a brand’s logo and the site’s design. 
At least 75% of customer opinions on your business’ credibility also come from the website design. This means that if your current websites look outdated, visitors are more likely to shy away from your brand, which negatively impacts your sales in the process.
When you revamp your company website, your clients will see you as credible. A clean and modern website will also make a potential client feel more comfortable shopping. It can also lead them to connect with your communications manager to avail of your services or support for a project.

What are the critical factors to a successful site?

There are two main factors that help new websites to start producing results, reach a new target market and generate more sales. 
– The new website’s design presents a full picture of your business. A professional and comprehensive site helps give clients a clearer view of how your brand works. A clean website that features the ideas, expertise and ability of a brand can go a long way in impressing clients and convincing them to avail of your service. 
– The new website enables relationship marketing. To capture leads, projects or sales, you would want a blog built into the website that follows the same theme. This allows your company to establish a connection with prospects while securing their loyalty in the process.

Does web design affect SEO?

SEO and human experience go hand in hand in determining the ranking of websites. This means what looks bad for human users also appears bad for search engine bots, which are programmed to mimic the human user experience. 
If you have a poor web design, your users will likely leave. Search engines will pick up on the fact that users are leaving your website and drop your ranking.

Does web design affect SEO?

SEO and human experience go hand in hand in determining the ranking of websites. This means what looks bad for human users also appears bad for search engine bots, which are programmed to mimic the human user experience. 
If you have a poor web design, your users will likely leave. Search engines will pick up on the fact that users are leaving your website and drop your ranking.

How can website design help eCommerce businesses?

In recent years, customers do almost everything online, including shopping. This makes have an excellent eCommerce site design more important. 
Our developers can construct a great website that gives you the chance to build your branding, attract potential customers and present your shop in the best light. It will also allow you to place graphics and other materials to convince visitors to make a purchase.

Do you offer email marketing services?

Yes, Upmedio offers email marketing services.
The email marketing campaign uses a direct mailing strategy to help you reach out to your prospects and customers. You can opt for a single or bulk mailing, which can be targeted by location, demographic and interests.
It also features automation that sends emails based on specific conditions such as the time of day, demographics and other factors, helping you create a personal connection with your target market. It will also allow you to send newsletters as well as announcements about new products or services that will attract more visitors and improve your chances of making a sale.
Upmedio offers special packages for email marketing campaigns so you don’t have to develop the service from scratch. You can simply choose a package based on what you need and enjoy its benefits right away without having to worry about setting up complicated systems.

Can you help me build my brand?

Upmedio helps you build your brand through website design according to your budget. We also design web pages and e-commerce sites where you can implement your marketing strategy or advertising plans to boost engagement and direct traffic to your projects.
Having a professional web presence allows visitors to learn more about your company and the services you offer, which boosts customer confidence in your ability to handle their requests. It also presents a great opportunity for people to take notice of your products or business ideas and spread the word about them online.
A great website also gives your customer management group to establish communication with customers and potential clients seeking support while making their purchasing decision.

What is the difference between designing and developing a website?

Designing a website means creating its look while developing a site involves programming it for specific purposes. will be fast loading and can load on any device, ensuring that visitors will not become frustrated with slow browsing speeds.
As for the design part of creating your website, this is where our designers come in. They will work closely with you to craft a site that best represents your brand so customers put their trust in you when they land on your site for the first time. We provide all kinds of web services so if you need help developing or designing your website, feel free to contact us!

 What are some of the important features offered by Upmedio?

Upmedio offers all types of web services needed to run an online shop successfully. These include theme development, eCommerce solutions, hosting services and SEO optimization. Our developers featuring special packages for small, medium and large businesses, Upmedio offers a range of options so you can come up with a website design that perfectly suits your needs. This will allow you to attract more visitors while boosting sales and promoting your brand to a wider audience.
Upmedio also provides other services such as site security, analytics tools and content management system (CMS) integration. These will make it easy for you to set up an online presence without having to hire separate services from different companies

What are the main benefits of digital marketing?

Businesses that have a website that is optimized to rank well on search engines benefit from many other strategies such as social media, guest blogging, and email marketing. These strategies help you get website traffic and potential customers. These online marketing techniques will help you rank higher in search engine results.
Additionally, digital marketing allows your team full control over the creative aspect of your advertising video/material. This means you can make custom media projects to engage your customer at every buying stage, leading to an increase in sales.

Does Upmedio offer marketing services? If so, what marketing strategies does it employ?

A marketing strategy is a plan that describes how marketing resources will be applied in order to meet business objectives. It offers guidelines on whether an organization must pursue new opportunities or defend against threats. Here in our Bangkok, Thailand agency, we offer digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, quality marketing, email marketing, and many more.