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With a team of in-house professionals, we help to create a Facebook schedule that best matches your branding and marketing needs. Having custom content can also provide a sense of uniqueness and personality to your Facebook page, deepening the connection between viewer and online brand. Hence, generating a higher conversion rate with humanization through an expanded reach of social media awareness.

We constantly test and modify our content marketing approach to target the best audience possible. We segment your potential customers based on interests, industries, demographics and much more criteria that is available thanks to Facebook’s large database.

Your credibility on social media is dependent on the frequency and consistency of your posting. Through a series of well designed algorithms, our Facebook marketing experts will schedule strategic Facebook posts; in order to generate brand awareness, brand loyalty, create incoming leads as well as strengthening customer relations.

We use an advanced system of pre-scheduling to make sure that content, marketing ads and campaigns are released at the most beneficial time, yielding the most attention, generating views, likes and shares. Thus, gaining your company maximum online exposure for each type of content delivered to targeted users.

We constantly test and modify our content marketing approach to target the best audience possible.

What We Can Do For You

Facebook Influencer Marketing and Outreach Strategies for Better Visibility

UpMedio’s Facebook Marketing services includes Influencer Marketing. Our Outreach strategy includes identifying relevant Facebook Influencers and contacting them in order to share your online content on their personal pages.

Our social media experts will team up with known and recognized Influencers in order to build your authority on Facebook. Users on Facebook place a higher level of trust in content that is promoted by known influencers. By collaborating with local and international Facebook users we can scale your visibility and drive engagement on your page.

We conduct competitive research through the collection and analysis of information that relate to your rival firms, which helps us to effectively understand and target your customers. This is done in order to best formulate unique and effective strategies to help you stay ahead of the competition. Competitive intelligence allows us to make wise campaign choices that will assist you in reaching the peak of success, and help boost your SEO efforts.


Optimize Your Facebook Ads Account With Digital Marketing Experts

Besides good content and influencer outreach, we offer Facebook marketing agency services. Our advertising services are adapted to businesses with existing Facebook Ads and campaigns, and those that have yet to tackle advertisement on this particular platform.

If your business hasn’t launched a Facebook Ads Account, we will first evaluate if this is the right advertising platform for you and your audience. In both scenarios we integrate an analysis of your competitors. Competitive intelligence allows for wiser campaign decisions and fruitful brand marketing choices.


Monitoring Your Facebook Ads

We monitor clients’ Facebook Ad campaigns on a weekly basis and provide you with a monthly report of your account. In this report we include an evaluation to benchmark the progress and effectiveness of the campaign strategy. Your facebook advertising success is primarily measured through monitoring your Cost Per Acquisition rates.

After-care services and training are also offered in order to provide a platform for your company to internally continue social media initiatives with targeted users even after the Facebook marketing campaign has ended.

Our team of professionals will give you guidelines of suitable and effective Facebook posts that are most engaging to your target audience. You will also be able to see what content has been the most successful for your company during the campaign, and what can be done in the future to improve and sustain the positive effects of the marketing campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a Facebook ads agency?

Hiring a Facebook ads agency gives your business a huge advantage. This is because agencies can easily turn around a Facebook advertising campaign in a snap or run ad performance reports to ensure that your campaigns get outstanding results.

Getting Facebook ads services from a digital marketing agency is also cost-effective. This is because the agency will be on top of new features and technologies in the advertising world, ensuring that the money you spend on your Facebook ad campaigns goes toward attracting existing customers and growing your business’s fan base.

What are the advantages of getting Facebook advertising services from a digital marketing company?

A successful Facebook ad campaign doesn’t only depend on the money spent. The key to successful Facebook advertising is writing a compelling ad copy, designing eye-catching ad images and video production, and selecting the right target audience.

Getting Facebook ads services from a digital marketing company ensures that you meet those requirements, which are incredibly important if you want to expand your user base.

How do Facebook ads promote brand awareness?

Awareness advertising, which is available on the Facebook platform, helps businesses reach specific audiences or custom audiences at a fairly low cost.

The platform also makes it easier for businesses to turn the people who saw their Facebook ads into clients with a remarketing scheme.

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that marketers put on their websites. This code gives them access to a tool that measures the effectiveness and engagement rate of a new Facebook ad.

Pixel also helps marketers ensure that your Facebook ads are being seen by the right clients.

Do Facebook ads use artificial intelligence?

Facebook ads use Power5, an AI designed to boost the potential of your campaigns by boosting your reach and earn you more clients. The AI tool only places your Facebook ads in the best position in other platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. To know more about this, you can visit the information section in your Facebook ad accounts.

How can new brands maximize Facebook ads?

Unlike bigger companies, small startups and local companies need to reach a wider audience to get sales. Facebook ads allow a new brand to generate new leads and convert more customers through a number of media options, such as video ads.

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