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What Exactly Is Google Ads?

Google Ads refers to the advertising capabilities developed by the same company that made the world’s top search engine. Google Ads help businesses and marketers connect with billions of people across the world who are searching for answers or new places around the web.

The new Google Ads now offers solutions to businesses looking to deliver trustworthy ads to offer their existing and potential customers the best experience possible.

Collaborate with the Best PPC Ads Agency in Bangkok, Thailand

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model in which marketers are given the advantage of having to pay only when there’s a click on the ad. This method is usually most favorable for it allows businesses to reach a larger scale audience by acquiring the opportunity to reach the top page of different search engines. Our global team of experts at UpMedio will ensure that all your marketing objectives are met with killer tactics that fit your product or service, all while accelerating your success in PPC marketing.

We Offer State-Of-The-Art Google Ads Management

Google Ads (formerly referred to as Google Adwords) runs on a PPC model in which businesses are given the option to bid on certain keywords. Those that were granted an ad placement are chosen by Google based on a system named Ad Rank. The key to “winning” the system is largely associated by assessing two major factors: CPC Bid (As high an amount as an advertiser is willing to spend) and Quality Score (a score based on a number of elements such as your click-through rate, landing page quality, and relevancy). Partner with us and earn valuable insight into how we can incorporate Google Ads into your market strategy to ultimately reach the excellence you aim for.

Find the Best Keywords for Instant Traffic and Conversions

In order for you to ensure the effective placement of your ads, you must possess enough skills and knowledge to properly utilize keywords that can produce the most clicks and conversions. As keywords are what direct your entire search campaign, it is vital for a company to execute the process of searching for powerful keywords or search phrases that can bring instant traffic to your website. This process, however, does take a lot of time to execute. Thus UpMedio brings forth to your disposal a team of PPC experts that will ensure success in your campaign with the use of their vast knowledge and prolonged experience in the field of marketing.

Administer Your PPC Campaigns with Google AdWords Certified Professionals

Once your new PPC campaigns are up and running, you are bound to uphold diligent monitoring in order to maintain its continuous success. Our team of in-house experts is here to deliver periodic administration to your campaign, ensuring regular activity and adjustments in order to bring about quality performance that can help you reach a favorable outcome.

Upmedio aims for transparency when working with clients. For this reason, we commit to delivering monthly reports specifying the transformation of the different elements regarding your performance such as click-through rates, quality scores, and account activity. With thorough auditing, we will be able to recognize what is working and what is not. We work to guarantee your overall satisfaction through consistent analysis and solid governance.

Google Ads Agency in Bangkok

Upmedio is an experienced Google ads agency that specializes in many services, including digital marketing solutions, search engine marketing, AdWords campaigns, Google Analytics, SEO services, PPC management, etc. We have had great success with Google ads campaigns and can tailor our services to fit your Google ads budget as needed.

The purpose is to get as high up on Google search results as possible while running Pay-Per-Click campaigns and attracting as many prospective customers as possible. Google ads experts use Google Ads to help businesses promote themselves. They can help track results, optimize ads and PPC management, manage ad campaigns, create custom landing pages and ads, and come up with advertising campaigns.

The point of all of these campaigns is to generate more leads that can have higher conversion rates through user clicks to generate more sales. Pay-Per-Click generates revenue with the help of a PPC agency.

The reality is that many people do not pay attention to the ads they see on websites anymore, but here at Upmedio, we know just how to go about display advertising in a way that people just can’t ignore. We know to get the attention of your target audiences even if they are not actively searching. Digital marketers need to know how to create advertising campaigns that grab the attention of audiences without having to rely on product listings that specific people are exclusively looking for.

Ultimately in order to deliver results, a pay-per-click (PPC) agency must start generating more leads than what the company is already getting and should, in turn, also have a higher conversion rate. The goal is to get the most conversions possible for the daily budget that is allocated to a campaign. Campaign performance is measured against revenue made from pay-per-click ads and lead conversions.

Google Adwords and Digital Marketing Solutions

Leads generation via an Online advertising platform

While Google Adwords can be a great tool in the digital marketing world, it should only be part of your digital marketing portfolio. With all of the options available today in terms of search engine marketing and online advertising platforms, lead generation can come from several different digital marketing solutions at the same time.

When choosing a campaign type it is therefore best to go for a comprehensive marketing package and to try to find an agency in Bangkok, Thailand, that offers a variety of options. Relying on a Google Ads agency or a PPC agency in Bangkok specifically can be costly as it only addresses one of your digital marketing needs. Whereas a more general marketing agency can offer a wider range of products and you can cover all of your marketing needs through the same marketing agency.

There are also other ways to get websites to the first page of a search engine results page, and you should ideally include as many of these strategies in your Google Adwords Campaigns as possible when using a marketing agency. At Upmedio, we understand that your business and the success of that business should be the first priority at all times. Contact our Bangkok office today for a free consultation. We can offer a comprehensive campaign that encompasses search advertising, search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, and any other marketing campaign add-on that your business might need. We have years of experience with business marketing on Google and other search engines, and the success of your business is essential to our success.

We are your Premier Partner for Google Ads Management. Develop your digital marketing strategies with one of the leading Google Ads Campaign Agencies in Bangkok, Thailand. Reach your target market, generate more traffic and sales to your website address and make your Adwords work for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire someone to do Google Ads in Bangkok, Thailand?

There are several ways an agency in Bangkok, Thailand charges potential customers for managing Adwords accounts.
Some agencies charge their service using a flat fee, other agencies charge a percentage of a client’s ad spend or using a performance-based model.

How can I use Google Ads in digital marketing?

For any company, Google Ads provides an opportunity to allocate their budget based on the “search intent” of potential customers. With this platform, they can ensure that all advertising efforts are geared towards bringing new clients in and keeping those who have been loyal for years!
For a growing business or company, it is important not only how many people see your ads but also which ones make them click-through so as you don’t waste money by targeting audiences with low response rates – just like would happen if someone sees something online then leaves without downloading anything from eCommerce store’s product page

What is PPC in social media marketing?

With Social PPC, you can advertise your products and services to a targeted group of people. The ads will appear in their timelines or feeds which make them more likely for engagement than an ad displayed across the top of someone’s screen without any indication that it was paid content from somewhere else outside email correspondence. These advertisements are often cost-effective because advertisers only pay when there is click-through on either one CPC (cost per click) clicks or 1000 impressions.

What is PPC in online marketing?

The pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model is an online marketing strategy in which advertisers pay publishers every time one of their ads links is clicked. The cost per click (CPC) version refers to what you’re charged when someone visits the site and views your advertisement or purchases something from you; it’s determined by how much people spend on these advertisements with each “click”.

How do PPC ads attract potential customers?

PPC, or the pay-per click advertising platform is a great way for businesses to reach their target audience and drive traffic. With an excellent depth of targeting options available on PPI (commonly used) platforms like Google Adwords – you can serve ads in front only those who fit your customer demographic!

How can businesses benefit from a PPC remarketing campaign?

Remarketing provides a way to reach people who have already interacted with your website or mobile app. It allows you the opportunity of strategically positioning ads in front these audiences as they browse Google, thus helping increase brand awareness and reminding users about purchases made from them before.

What’s the difference between pay-per-click and search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization refers to the practice of including content on your site to improve its visibility. Search engine optimized content uses a “keyword” that search engine users type on the search bar when looking for a certain topic. Using a keyword would also make
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows businesses and website owners to bid for a chance to have their ads shown next to searches on the search results page.