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Upmedio specializes in Pay Per Click advertising and Google AdWords management. Ensuring a Google Ads campaign delivers leads.

Poorly managed campaigns can be a black hole for your advertising budget. Even the most well-planned campaigns require regular supervision and optimization by specialists to be successful. Despite the many automated optimization features offered by Google, human oversight is essential for Google Ads.

The new Google Ads now offers solutions to Comprehensive Google Adwords optimization including taking a broad view of the ads and the campaign’s overall performance, as well as thorough individual keyword analysis. Optimization changes can range from enabling or disabling keywords to adjusting bids and campaign settings. We also conduct larger-scale changes such as website landing page optimization and new Google ads campaign creation. These ads range from textual ads which appear alongside search results, to banner ads featured in display networks to attract the attention of web users.

We can reduce your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by refining the keyword targeting and monitoring your page’s campaign and performance. While optimizing ads is most intensive at the start of a new marketing campaign, it is a never-ending process of management. Our team of experts continuously works to ensure that your campaign is running efficiently as possible. Your goals, with our support, will act as the focal point of any and all collective marketing measures taken.

PPC Agency Bangkok

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Google Ads (formerly referred to as Google Adwords) runs on a PPC model, a model in which marketers are given the advantage of having to pay only when there’s a click on the ad. This method is usually most favorable because it allows businesses to reach a larger scale audience by acquiring the opportunity to reach the top page of different search engines. Our global team of experts at UpMedio will ensure that all your marketing objectives are met with killer tactics that fit your product or service, all while accelerating your success in PPC marketing.

Partner with us and earn valuable insight into how we can incorporate Google Ads into your market strategy to ultimately reach the excellence you aim for.

PPC Agency Bangkok
PPC Agency Bangkok

Our ‘Scaling Down’ Approach To Google AdWords PPC

Our ‘Scaling Down’ approach begins with the creation of an extremely large account in terms of the number of keywords, ad groups, and ads campaign. The structure is everything, so creating the right package would allow us to trim down the account to only what truly converts leads within 1-2 weeks.
At the start of the advertising account development process, we research what delivers leads. Our digital marketing team performs an analysis of your products or services to understand what you are offering as a whole. From there, we conduct keyword research to develop lists of keywords reflecting what exactly your business offers. These are very narrow, targeted keywords that can convert to leads. We also create ads to match different keywords. Our marketing specialists conduct this process in consultation with our clients. We can develop management services to fit your advertising marketing budget.

Key to Instant Traffic and Conversions: Find the Best Keywords for Your Business

In order for you to ensure the effective placement of your ads, you must possess enough skills and knowledge to properly utilize keywords that can produce the most clicks and conversions. As keywords are what direct your entire search campaign, it is vital for a company to execute the process of searching for powerful keywords or search phrases that can bring instant traffic to your website. This process, however, does take a lot of time to execute. Thus UpMedio brings forth to your disposal a team of PPC experts that will ensure success in your campaign with the use of their vast knowledge and prolonged experience in the field of marketing.

PPC Agency Bangkok
PPC Agency Bangkok

Administer Your PPC Campaigns with Google AdWords Certified Professionals

Once your new PPC campaigns are up and running, you are bound to uphold diligent monitoring in order to maintain its continuous success. Our team of in-house experts is here to deliver periodic administration to your campaign, ensuring regular activity and adjustments in order to bring about quality performance that can help you reach a favorable outcome.

We commit to delivering monthly reports specifying the transformation of the different elements regarding your performance such as click-through rates, quality scores, and account activity. With thorough auditing, we will be able to recognize what is working and what is not. We work to guarantee your overall satisfaction through consistent analysis and solid governance.

Google Advertising Campaigns and Adwords Management

Upmedio is an experienced Google ads agency that specializes in many services, including digital Upmedio is an experienced Google ads agency that specializes in many services, including digital marketing solutions, search engine marketing, AdWords campaigns, Google Analytics, SEO services, PPC management, etc. We have had great success with Google ads campaigns and can tailor our services to fit your Google ads budget as needed.

Adwords management is an essential service for the success of your AdWords campaigns. Adwords management ensures that the latest keywords are used to direct your ads to areas where they are most likely to get clicks. Whether you are running multiple ads or just one ad in multiple places, Google ads management is needed to ensure the success of online advertising that relies on PPC.

When building your brand, you want to get more leads than your competitors because leads can mean more customers and more customers or clients bring in more money. Advertising strategies are a great way to attract potential customers and clients. But where you want to start with high-quality leads that are most likely to lead to potential customers? This means that you need to reach your target audiences directly. A great way to do this is with a PPC campaign that relies on keywords and paid search data. Google ads can only be effective if your PPC management services are efficient in directing Google ads to the correct Google search directives.  Partner with us and earn valuable insight into how we can incorporate Google Ads into your market strategy to ultimately reach the excellence you aim for.

Google Adwords and Digital Marketing Solutions

Getting The Most Out Of Google Adwords With Effective PPC Management

UpMedio offers a set of consultancy services that cater specifically to existing Google Adwords accounts that under-perform and do not produce a steady amount of leads/sales. Our marketing specialists start working on a Google ads account by first carrying out an in-depth audit of the running campaigns and closely examining your website as well. We identify factors that negatively affect conversion rates and drive the campaigns downwards, meaning they are not effectively working as adverts.

Once existing issues are identified, we provide you with in-depth recommendations. We can also manage your Google Adwords account on your behalf. By taking over your PPC management, we can ensure changes to your ads are correctly executed and monitor their impact in real-time. At UpMedio, we maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS) by tracking and improving conversions, with the ultimate goal of getting you more inbound phone calls, emails, and social media inquiries.

We are your Premier Partner for Google Ads Management. Develop your digital marketing strategies with one of the leading Google Ads Campaign Agencies in Bangkok, Thailand. Reach your target market, generate more traffic and sales to your website address and make your Adwords work for you.

PPC Agency Bangkok

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AdWords Management?

This involves the management of a Google Ads campaign. It takes time and effort to create, implement, and manage Google Ads campaigns. You also require an understanding of services like Google’s display network and similar tools in order to properly manage Google Ads. You need a service that can build efficient landing pages and optimize your keywords in such a way that you actually generate online sales from these efforts. This is where Adwords management comes in.

What is Adwords Marketing?

Google Ads is a marketing platform where companies can invest in paid search marketing or can have their website rank through optimization and the building of landing pages. This is often achieved with the help of Google Analytics and other platforms.

How do you manage Google Ads?

The management of Google Ads is a continuous process that involves quite a bit of work throughout. Elements like a Google search pattern need to be monitored closely. Adjustments to the campaign are made according to the detailed report that is provided by Google, and any other factors like language or local search-based behavior must be taken into account when optimization is happening. There might also be a need for real SEO work in order to further optimize a website to reach its potential and garner real sales for your business.

Do I need an Agency for Google ads?

Technically you can do it yourself or have it done by an employee, but because it is such a difficult and involved job, you will likely save time and money by hiring a professional agency. Agencies already know how the platform works, they have an understanding of how Google shopping functions work, how the paid search platform works, and most importantly, exactly what needs to be done to websites for businesses to profit meaningfully from their online brand presence. Furthermore, agencies can also lower your cost-per-click expenses.

Is Google Ads owned by Google?

Yes, Google Ads is owned by Google, as is Google shopping and many such service platforms that can assist in searching practices and facilitate SEO optimizations.

Is Adwords and Google Ads the same thing?

Yes, Adwords is actually the old name for Google Ads. The service is exactly the same as the cost.

What do Google Ads and SEO have to do with each other?

Google Ads makes use of a similar premise to traditional SEO, and when used together, they can be a powerful way for a business to make revenue and to attract a lot of traffic to their sites. Depending on how much you have to spend in your business budget, investing in a combined SEO and Google Ads management service can be an excellent investment and can far out-earn its cost within just a few months. Both of these things tend to take a while to start making revenue, but once they do, and if they are efficiently maintained, they can make up to 100% more revenue than you initially had to spend.
Our team can build a package that will fit your budget and can provide support throughout your journey. Since our SEO team and Google Ads team work in tandem, you can also save on time. Contact us today for a free consultation.