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Creating an app, be it a public one for your business or a private one for internal use requires meticulous planning. As they are mainly products of what they represent, Apps drift along a dangerous line of efficiency that borders on risk. As such the concept of the app along with its little details must all be considered carefully and planned for accordingly. The UpMedio team approaches app design carefully, with an analytic state of mind that both limits the potential for risk and leaves room for creativity and innovation. Our team is able to put together the perfect app design to embody your business or company, with all the major elements of success in mind.

Put Extra Emphasis on Your User Interface and User Experience Input

As simple as it may sound, apps must be optimized for the user in every way possible. It’s vital to put extra emphasis on the user’s experience and the manner in which the app registers their input. We know the little details that can raise or destroy an app, and as such we guarantee that our app designs hold the user’s perspective in high regard, making your app easily accessible, intricate in its simplicity, and granting it significantly higher usage frequency.

When Designing a Web Application, We Abide by the Proverb “Sophistication in Simplicity”

There is such a thing as an “Overwhelming app”. The use of apps, mobile or otherwise, must not carry a heavy cognitive load, which means the layout and app usage would not incur too high an effort in terms of memory and adaptability, especially with signup forms, online payment checkout and so on. Our strategy includes the partitioning of the content that the client would see, making sure that at no point in time would one page contain too much content, incur too much effort or cause annoyance to your customers. Aside from that, we also take cluttering quite seriously, as an overabundance of buttons, icons, and commands are generally signs of poorly made apps. The UpMedio team, ever aware of the key success points of the market, ensures that your app design would offer your intended services, without any of the complications.

Design An App With Consistency in Both Functions and Design

Our goals of consistency are three-way: Visual, Functional and External. Visual consistency refers to labels, buttons and so on, which need to be consistent on each screen across the app. Functional consistency, on the other hand, addresses the manner in which interactive elements work. A good app design would be built in such a manner that the elements in question would work similarly throughout the app, lest it becomes inconsistent and jarring. The last of the three is External consistency, which entails that the app’s design must be consistent across different products. This increases a user’s familiarity with your app and enables them to apply previously acquired knowledge when using a different product.