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Creating an app, be it a public one for your business or a private one for internal use, requires meticulous planning. As they are mainly products of what they represent, Apps drift along a dangerous line of efficiency that borders on risk. As such, the concept of the app along with its little details, must all be considered carefully and planned for accordingly. The UpMedio team approaches app design carefully, with an analytic state of mind that both limits the potential for risk and leaves room for creativity and innovation. Our team is able to put together the perfect app design to embody your business or company, with all the major elements of success in mind.

Put Extra Emphasis on Your User Interface and User Experience Input

As simple as it may sound, apps must be optimized for the user in every way possible. It’s vital to put extra emphasis on the user’s experience and the manner in which the app registers their input. We know the little details that can raise or destroy an app, and as such, we guarantee that our app designs hold the user’s perspective in high regard, making your app easily accessible, intricate in its simplicity, and granting it significantly higher usage frequency.

When Designing a Web Application, We Abide by the Proverb “Sophistication in Simplicity”

There is such a thing as an “Overwhelming app”. The use of apps, mobile or otherwise, must not carry a heavy cognitive load, which means the layout and app usage would not incur too high an effort in terms of memory and adaptability, especially with signup forms, online payment checkout, and so on. Our strategy includes the partitioning of the content that the client would see, making sure that at no point in time would one page contain too much content, incur too much effort or cause annoyance to your customers. Aside from that, we also take cluttering quite seriously, as an overabundance of buttons, icons, and commands are generally signs of poorly made apps. The UpMedio team, ever aware of the key success points of the market, ensures that your app design would offer your intended services without any of the complications.

Design An App With Consistency in Both Functions and Design

Our goals of consistency are three-way: Visual, Functional, and External. Visual consistency refers to labels, buttons, and so on, which need to be consistent on each screen across the app. Functional consistency, on the other hand, addresses the manner in which interactive elements work. A good app design would be built in such a manner that the elements in question would work similarly throughout the app, lest it becomes inconsistent and jarring. The last of the three is External consistency, which entails that the app’s design must be consistent across different products. This increases a user’s familiarity with your app and enables them to apply previously acquired knowledge when using a different product.

Business Advantages of Investing in Mobile App Development

Increase Customer Engagement and Loyalty

A mobile app allows your customers easy access to products and services and allows strengthening of customer relations. It also makes it easier for customers to communicate with your business.

Improved Employee Experiences

Mobile apps allow employees access to essential information no matter where they are. Mobile apps also tend to allow more streamlined services. Easier access to business systems increases employee satisfaction in the work environment.

Fosters Development of Innovation Culture

Since more and more companies are using mobile apps for exceedingly more complicated tasks, there has been a rise in demand for innovation in mobile app development. Depending on the nature of your company, this can be internal, or a mobile app development company can be hired to achieve such ends.

New Channels for Revenue

Creating a new mobile app can help you reach a whole new possible customer base and can also help you reach new networking opportunities.

New Technologies

New ideas are always welcome in the world of app development services and as business needs continue to evolve, so will digital goals. With the rise in popularity of VR and AI, there is bound to be a demand for more innovation in software development and app development services.

Platforms of Mobile Devices for App Design: Bangkok

As mobile app development services continue to evolve, so too will the platforms upon which mobile devices run. At the moment, there are two main platforms, including iOS and Android. An iOS application includes, iPad app development, iPhone app development, etc. Android app development works on Google devices.

Mobile App Development Process


Before any actual app development can take place, the business should first establish a strategy, with the help of experienced mobile app developers, to establish how mobile app development can help the company. During the strategy phase the following must be decided:

  • Define the purpose of the app
  • Identify the intended audience of the app
  • Do some research on what kind of competition you will be looking at
  • Establish the objectives and goals of the app

Analysis and Planning

This stage involves identifying what the functional requirements are for your mobile app development. The next step is a roadmap. You will also need to define your minimum-viable-product that is required to launch. It is important to develop the planning stage in milestones, so that progress can be accurately measured.

UI/UX Design

The UI/UX Design is a fundamental part of mobile app development as the experience of the users is extremely important for the app’s success. If UX/UI design is poor, then users are not likely to return to the app.

Workflows and Architecture

The first thing to determine is what kind of data the mobile app will show to users, what kind of data it will store, and how users will move through the app.


These are the basic conceptual layouts of what a mobile app might look like after development.

Style Guide

A style guide is used to guide an app development agency on things like colors and logo designs or fonts that are specific to your business and will reflect in your app. This also helps developers to remain consistent throughout the software development process.


Mockups are the final part of planning for what the app will look like and involves applying your style guide to wireframes.

Interactive Prototype

Mockups will only give a static visual feel to your app, whereas an interactive prototype makes it possible to see how the mobile app might actually work when it is released. This allows for testing early on and can identify some possible snags that an app developer can see to before the mobile application is released to the public.

App Development

At the mobile app development stage it remains useful to have milestones in place for developing mobile applications. This can make tracking progress on the project so much easier and helps a mobile app development agency to tell whether they are set to finish on time.

Application Testing

Quality assurance is key when it comes to mobile app development services regardless of whether we are talking about Android or iPhone app development. There are several different stages and types of testing involved before the final product can be released.

User Experience Testing

This involves testing how the mobile app moves and reacts to users. It also tests how users experience the app.

Functional Testing

This is one of the most important steps in mobile app development. Especially with highly specialized systems like online booking platforms or e-commerce development sites. The functionality of your app is central to its success.

Performance Testing

This kind of testing is more about how your mobile app is measuring up to UX/UI Design expectations and whether your clients are happy with the functionality of the app or not. How well does the mobile app hold up to expectations? Is the mobile app causing any unexpected issues, such as draining the battery of the device unusually quickly, etc.?

Security Testing

Security is a major concern of users and should be a major focus for both app marketing and mobile app development. In fact, the reputation of a mobile app development company can lie in how secure its apps are. Security testing is usually done by a different company than the mobile app development company to ensure impartiality and to make sure that all avenues of potential threat have been thoroughly covered. In the digital era, one can never be too careful about the security of one’s digital products.

Device and Platform Testing

The final kind of testing that a mobile app development company should go through before launching a mobile application is how it performs on each operating system and on different devices. Part of your app maintenance plan should then also involve adapting to new devices and platforms as they emerge into the market. When developing applications, it is essential to remember that digital products are perhaps the fastest evolving and growing market in the world and your clients will always want the latest and best for their team. Stay on top of UX/UI design, and invest in a wide array of digital agency and e-commerce development tools so that you can build responsive websites and mobile applications for your target audience.

Deployment and Support

Once the process of application development is complete, you will launch the mobile application to the public. It is essential, at this step and beyond, to provide support to your clients who will be using your mobile application. It is possible to outsource this to a digital consultancy or the mobile app development company that originally developed the app if that forms part of their package. However, you still need to maintain a connection with your clients who are using the application.

Sometimes bespoke enterprise platforms and custom software development services can be expensive but are often worth the cost because of excellent UX/UI design and customer experience.

Different types of applications might require more support, such as continual e-commerce development to ensure security over time. Whatever kind of UX/UI design, web design, software development, or mobile app development you settle on, it will always be important to maintain a path to a cost-effective solution to your custom software development needs. This will help you find the best solution to your business goals.

Are there different kinds of mobile applications that require special mobile app development?

There are different kinds of mobile apps, and some might require custom software development or custom mobile app development. For example, Native Apps and Hybrid Mobile Apps.

Native Apps are custom-made to fit a specific platform and require the use of a custom software development tool that is exclusively supported by the desired platform. It is not uncommon for application developers to have a preference for native apps because native solutions allow developers to use the device to its full potential. Native solutions are becoming more popular with the rise in popularity of smart home devices, which allows a team to take tech, combine it with convenience, and produce mobile app development that changes how people run their homes. Despite the success of this kind of custom software development and mobile app development, some companies find it to be too time-consuming and costly.

hybrid app is a project that is a little more complex. It involves development of a container in a native system that can have an HTML5 app embedded in it. Hybrid solutions allow for access to unique elements of each system, and in the case of hybrid solutions, a company can possibly choose from some existing hybrid solutions and not have to embark on their very own mobile app development project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Upmedio offer mobile app development services outside of Bangkok, Thailand?

Yes, although Upmedio offices are based in Bangkok, Thailand, we do offer application development and web development or web design services anywhere in the world. You can contact us today for a free consultation with our team to discuss your project.

What kind of overall service can I expect from the Upmedio team?

Upmedio offers entirely customizable services to our clients. We can generally help with any kind of digital project that our clients need. A large part of Upmedio is devoted to web design and web development; we are also a marketing executive company and also offer mobile development services. Application development is a bustling market that requires individual attention from our team and can be quite a daunting project for a business that has not attempted such before. Contact Upmedio for a free consultation with our application development team or if you need assistance with web design or web development.

Is it possible to hire Upmedio for an isolated project?

Yes, it is. Since our services are customizable, we can offer any kind of support or assistance that our clients might need, even if it is only for an isolated project and not a continuous service. Ultimately the goal of our team is to help clients however they need. Regardless of what kind of support our clients need, Upmedio will always do our best to deliver the best service possible.