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Accelerate Your Marketing Campaign with an Effective Display Advertising Campaign

Display advertising is a well-known form of online marketing that employs visual means of communication produced to convey a specific message to a particular pre-defined audience. This form of advertisement continues to grow in popularity as businesses recognize its affordability and power to convert qualified leads into paying customers. You will only need one of these ads for a group of thousands to click it and become buyers. Let us help design the perfect ad for you!

Administer Your Campaigns with Google AdWords Certified Professionals

Once your new campaign is up and running, you are bound to uphold diligent monitoring in order to maintain its continuous success. Our team of in-house experts is here to deliver periodic administration to your campaign, ensuring regular activity and adjustments in order to bring about quality performance that can help you reach a favorable outcome. Remember, the name of Google AdWords has changed to Google Ads recently, but the service is still the same. 

Generate Leads with Creative Display Ads Designed by Professional Designers and Writers

As soon as an operating strategy is established, we apply the optimization process to your advertisements with the aim of generating quality leads. Our team of graphic designers and professional writers work to produce ads that can deliver success by increasing your click-through rates while ensuring that the message being conveyed aligns with your brand’s image and goals.

This means that in order to reach target users and grab their attention, we must create ads that are attractive to potential customers and can grab your target audience’s attention, whether it is appearing on their social media feeds, in the margins of web pages they visit, or in their search engine results. We can provide a wide range of advertising services, including display advertising services, rich media ads, Google ads, retargeting campaigns, video ads, contextual advertising, banner ads, search ads, mobile ads, text ads, audio ads, brand awareness campaigns, etc. It is therefore essential to set your campaign objective and business goals with our consultant early in your journey. We need to ensure that your advertising strategy reaches the right audience based on your needs. If an ad does not appeal to your target audience, then the ad can actually hurt your business more than it helps.

Develop a High Converting Landing Page

UpMedio brings forth a group of highly skilled professionals to develop the best landing page strategies for your company. We aim to deliver positive results such as informative content that can convert visitors into leads and display a significant increase in your brand’s online and offline presence.

It is important to make sure that your display advertising campaign includes a revamp of your landing page so that your target audience can be drawn directly to a landing page that gives them access to all of your services and products.

Display advertising campaigns must be able to reach your target audience, and this lies in the creation of ad copy. Our team is excellent with behavioral targeting in order to reach users who are interested in your products and services and stand the best chance of increasing not only your drive traffic but your conversion rates as well.

We employ several targeting methods to make sure that we can reach your target audiences and garner new customers from the right audience.

We Generate Detailed Reports Measuring Your Performance

After the launch of your campaign, we continue to monitor the progress of the campaign so that we can identify areas that require improvement. As we are able to identify a segment that don’t work or places where there might be errors, we can work on optimizing your ad as needed. Transparency with clients is held in extremely high regard at Upmedio in hopes that we offer the best possible services available.

UpMedio offers continued support throughout the user’s journey, and our technical expertise can help to keep your brand on top. We achieve this through marketing campaigns and display ad campaigns alike to help you reach your target audience.

What is the Display Advertising Process?

Before a display ad campaign can begin, the business and the display advertising agency must agree on goals and what they want from this online advertising venture. Digital advertising is a very involved process and can be costly to a company if its display ads do not bring in business. The display advertising company must understand what the business wants from their display campaign, the brand message that needs to go out, and what the expectations and ad formats are.

Display campaigns rely on various elements, like search advertising, remarketing ads, video ads, banner ads, image ads, etc., which are all dependent on the needs of the business. Enlisting the help of display advertising experts can ensure that your demographic targeting and contextual targeting are on point, which means that your Google display ads will reach your custom audience and encourage users to engage in your services or purchase your product.

Are There Different Kinds of Display Advertising?

There are several different kinds of display ads. Rich media ads include some additional features like video or audio. Banner ads appear on the banners of web pages. Paid search ads appear at the top of search engines at a fee to your company. Native advertising involves the creation of native ads that blend into the content of a web page. There are also ads specific to mobile devices.

While digital advertising is usually used for the purpose of increasing the conversion rate of a company, it can also attract new customers from a non-affinity audience. It can also be used to do special promotion of new services or products or can be used to make other announcements like the move of an address, etc.

When we create display ads, we need to be mindful of the purpose of the ads and also where the ad will appear on a page. Native ads and banner ads cannot be designed with exactly the same template, as one ad will not fit into both spaces.

A Google display ad will also be different from a display ad for a different search engine. Target-based advertising is the backbone of many businesses, and it is important to use a display advertising agency that understands the Google display network and can apply multiple images to an ad campaign for the best results. There might also be a need to reach mobile users, or to use different modes of display advertising such as a mix of banner advertising and image ads, even Google ads as needed.

Upmedio and Google Ads

Our advertising team has years of experience working with platforms like Google ads, and we can provide services related to display advertising in a great many ways. Whether you need a display ad to promote a company name change, or you need multiple display ads to bring awareness about new services or products, we can likely design both Google ads and other display ads that are tailored specifically to your business needs. The world of display ads can be difficult waters to tread when you are new to digital marketing and running your ad campaigns online, so allow Upmedio to help you find your feet with brilliant and effective display ads to meet your business needs. ‘Ad’ a bit of spark to your ad campaign!