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WordPress Website Development

Build Your Website with Bangkok, Thailand’s Leading WordPress Development Agency

WordPress is now the go-to software for businesses looking to build websites. It provides an immaculate system that allows anyone to publish and optimize content in a way that is highly versatile and user-friendly. Over the years, the WordPress platform has earned the reputation of being the world’s most sought-after software for web development. Our team at UpMedio aims to propel your business forward as we bring forth outstanding website development support with effective strategic planning and guidance. Together, we are ready to build your success story with state-of-the-art WordPress development and our team of savvy individuals with years of experience.

WordPress Website Development
WordPress Website Development

Bring Your Website to Life with Grade-A WordPress Development

Where do you currently stand in the market, and where do you want to be in the future? Before integrating solutions to your current strategy, we must first take an analytic approach by following a structured process in which all steps to WordPress development and design are met with creative thinking and high-quality performance. We conduct audits and digital planning to further propel you to the forefront of the market and get you ahead of competitors through proper insights and an innovative vision.

Web development services play an integral role in business development and growth. If your website is easy to search and your keyword and design focus is central to your brand and what your company stands for, then marketing your business is much easier. Quality marketing and brand development form part of web development no matter where you are in the world. It is also essential that staying on top of the latest software development and web development should be a continuous focus throughout your business maintenance plan.

Craft a Website with Enticing Imagery and Modern WordPress Web Designs

We analyze your target audience and competitors with the hopes of providing you with grade-A web designs crafted to catalyze your growth in the market. Our in-house team of designers utilizes techniques that are up-to-date in order to increase web traffic and brand awareness. Partner with UpMedio and establish a steady growth rate of conversion through designs that are optimized with the aim of granting your customers an excellent user experience.

It is no secret that web design and web development are key elements to providing a good user experience for customers, especially on e-commerce development sites due to the sensitive nature of online transactions. It is strongly advised that part of your project management throughout the business year should go towards to software development, web development, and web design improvement to keep up with trends and advancements. Quality service in all areas, including software development, web design, and marketing should be a consistent focus for your business.

WordPress Website Development
WordPress Website Development

Create Your Website with Experienced WordPress Developers in Bangkok, Thailand

Through long-since-rooted expertise and familiarity with WordPress technology, our team of web developers is able to utilize WordPress extensively to create all types of websites ranging from small blogging websites to ones of a large scale. We tackle tasks that are of high complexity and optimize your website based on what garners the most leads and generates optimum results.

Hiring a service that has a good track record with web design and web development can remove a lot of pressure from the business itself because the service can be outsourced at an affordable price. Our outsourced service would also include other elements of development for your business, such as SEO optimization, which is also a continuous project and needs to grow with the changing tide of life online. We also understand the importance of having web design and web development that is appropriate to where your target audience is situated. What works in Bangkok, Thailand, might not work somewhere else. So the focus of the service must be tailored to your individual needs in order to be of high quality.

Upmedio offers just such a customizable service. You let us know where you want the focus for your web development and web design needs to fall and we will make it happen, regardless of whether your target is in Bangkok, Thailand, or not. 

Take Security Measures by Letting Our Experts Guide You in Ways to Eliminate Potential Threats

WordPress developers at UpMedio are equipped with vast knowledge in the field, allowing them to develop websites absent of insecure codes that can result in a negative aftermath. Partner with us to ensure security and eliminate the possible consequences that may come from slips and mistakes.

We take web development and web design very seriously, both in Bangkok, Thailand, but also with our clients who are elsewhere in the world. Contact us today for more information on software development plans, project planning for your web development, etc.

WordPress Website Development
WordPress Website Development

Eradicate Errors and Recognize Threats with Our WordPress Maintenance and Support Services

Once your website is launched, our team will regularly monitor your progress so that we may recognize areas that might be in need of improvement. As errors and faulty segments are determined, we optimize your site accordingly. Website software such as WordPress is changing non-stop and for this reason, constant maintenance is needed to certify high performance in all aspects of a website, such as security, speed, and search engine visibility. Let us give you the ease of mind by keeping your website up-to-date with all the latest technologies and by ensuring the quick restoration of anything that becomes faulty.

The Back-bone of Web Development Thailand

Web design and web development services are becoming exceedingly popular in and around Bangkok, Thailand. So as a digital marketing agency based in Thailand, it is essential for us to stay on top of the latest trends and services available for the success of a company website and e-commerce development services. Having an up-to-date digital strategy and SEO strategies can make or break the success of the business of potential customers.

At Upmedio, we understand that it takes more than access to a great tool and fast delivery to provide successful services and a great customer experience. We share years of experience and expertise in areas like web design, digital marketing, web development, e-commerce development, web application for mobile devices, content creation, UX/UI design, and much more so that we can provide the best website development services in Bangkok, Thailand.

Although we are based in Bangkok, Thailand, we can provide services to potential customers outside of Thailand. As a digital agency, our reach goes as far as Singapore and the US.

What Goes Into Web Design and Web Development?

Step a Web Development Goal

The first step in the web design process is to set your goal. Think about the purpose of your website. This will also be the first step that you will discuss with our web developer for your new website.

Choose Your Website Builder

Here at Upmedio we already have an excellent website builder that we work with for all of our web design and web development needs. It also helps to work with seasoned experts who can foresee and avoid certain problems that one may encounter in the web development process.

Design Your Layout

In the digital world it is extremely important that your website interface is easy to use and pleasing to look at. Without these two elements, it is highly likely that potential customers will be hesitant to return to your website or might not even trust it, which can be especially devastating to an e-commerce site or small business. This is where elements like graphic design services and UX/UI design strategies come in so that a professional and successful web design can be implemented for your website.

Claim Your Domain Name

This is another area where Upmedio can help. If you do not claim your domain name, it is easy for some other company to take that domain name for themselves which can make it difficult for your clients to find you online. For any digital agency based anywhere in the world who wants to create a new website, there will be a need to claim a domain name.

Gather Content for Web Development

This is often a step that most people take for granted, but it is vital and can be quite difficult. Web pages need to function optimally, which means that they cannot contain an overflow of information. You will need to sit and decide what will go where on your website, engage with the web design company to try and exclude as much unnecessary content as possible, and optimize the content that you do want to include.

Decide on Pages

Websites have a limited number of pages that should be included, as too many pages can mean that clients become disinterested or confused about the actual service that you offer and how to access it. UX/UI design will focus on optimizing a website during the developing stages so that the company as a whole can offer the best possible final product that is already SEO optimized and functional. Some pages, like a homepage and an about section, are standard, but there are other pages that can be included depending on the type of company you have, the types of service that you offer and the preferences of your potential customers.

Design Web Elements

Each website will have individual elements that need to be designed to look professional and function smoothly to afford a client great pleasure in browsing the final product. It is also essential for the experience of customers that all elements of your website work. Especially the market area where transactions might occur.

Choose Professional Tools

Some types of websites require special tools to be embedded into their functionality, such as e-commerce sites that require a market. Should your site require such specialized tools it will need to be discussed with your web design consultant ahead of time.


While we are based in Bangkok, Thailand, it is still important for your site to be accessible to your entire target market, and they might not all be situated locally. This can also be an ongoing project throughout your web development journey as you can expand your reach as time goes on and make your website more accessible to other parts of the world.

Consider Mobile Devices

These days many people conduct their business from their mobile phones or other devices. Software development has grown in the area of mobile accessibility, and technology continues to develop and evolve and with this, the pressure to deliver state-of-the-art accessibility for your business also grows.

Optimize SEO

Our content creation team and UX/UI design team are dedicated to optimizing your pages so that they are easily found on the first page of as many search engines as possible. Web design on its own is not enough in the modern world, and a significant part of a successful digital strategy will include SEO services. SEO is usually connected to the area, digital footprint, and trustworthiness of your site. We offer SEO services specific to Bangkok, Thailand, but also other parts of Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.

Since SEO is ongoing and often changes and evolves, it should also be a focus on your ongoing web development project.

Engagement and Feedback on Continuous Web Development

When you start receiving feedback from your clients, you might find that some parts of your project are not exactly working as you hoped. In such cases, the focus might need to shift so that your projects can better match your clients’ expectations and thus can garner positive feedback on e-commerce and other functionalities, including marketing and advertising services.

In the end, we want to help you deliver the best possible product to your clients, and most of our packages include unlimited editing services on certain parts of web design and web development, including UX/UI design and SEO strategies.

Publish and Update for Continuous Web Development

It is important to remember that publication is not the final step in your web design journey. In fact, in order to maintain high-quality standards, continuous work is required for your business site. Search behavior keeps changing and client-pools grow and evolve which means revamping is not uncommon in digital marketing and web design ventures.

How Can Web Development Impact a Company?

The company website is often the first thing about a company that possible customers see. If your web design is poor and your web development is out of date these potential clients will likely move on to one of your competitors. This is even more true for e-commerce development due to the sensitive nature of online financial transactions.

Technology keeps evolving and growing which means that web design and web development need to keep up with software development. The fate of a brand lies in marketing projects and the quality of resources that the company makes available to its potential clients. A client judges a business by what they can see and what they experience in terms of the service that they deliver. Therefore, focus should always be on client-centered service.