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Together, we will set the objectives of our collaboration, elaborate measurable goals, and plan out a strategy for your social media management. When deciding to use Instagram in your mix of Social Media platforms, we consider three things: First, we consider what Instagram can provide you that other channels cannot, who your target audience is on this platform, and which of your current clients or audience are active and how Instagram can send a message, consistent with the other platforms that you are already using. Our services include account management, content creation, audience growth, influencer outreach, and analytic reports.

Convey a Striking Message and Capture Attention on Instagram

Outsource your social media marketing and let us create you a page that can convey your message to the right audience successfully. The basics of your account, such as your bio and display picture, will be drawn up by our team of marketing specialists. We will work to elevate your conversions with the execution of a rapid Instagram audit that will help prove which methods are fitting to drive engagement. Our audit also helps recognize who your current followers are and what your ideal followers look like. We then delve down into your core demographics. Who is your target audience, and what are they looking for? Who do they follow, and what type of content are they posting?

Gain Followers on Instagram with Captivating Content and Beautiful Imagery

Great content isn’t only limited to beautiful imagery. Instagram posts also provide space to share your unique message by writing interesting and captivating content. Our team of social media experts at Upmedio will remove this repetitive process and inject creativity into your branding without you having to do a thing. We deliver tailor-made content for your brand in messages that speak to your audience. In addition to immaculate content, we provide a thorough analysis of trends and current mainstream topics. We avoid spammy calls-to-action while integrating smart hashtags that users are actually searching for in order to increase traffic and single out your brand.

Create Online Buzz with User-Generated Content on Instagram

Regardless of their position, well-established brands with high visibility may not fully utilize their brand image. This untapped potential can be unleashed through what is called user-generated content. The process itself is basically an advanced engagement tool that incentivizes your audience to share posts of direct relevance to your brand. Audience engagement rises exponentially the more your clients positively experience your product or services. As such, the process is simple; we crawl users’ pages and posts that are relevant to your business and ask customers their permission to reuse their content for your brand while crediting their creation. This is called Regramming. Interactions like these are highly effective in creating a buzz around your brand and developing needed attention for your business.

Reach Millions with Our Instagram Community Management Service

The question that surely haunts your mind must be: “How do I grow my followers?” Developing authentic Instagram followers is crucial to your success. UpMedio’s social media team follows the critically predesigned strategy and interacts with your online community by liking and commenting on posts of relevant content and similar brands, giving you credibility in the space you are operating in. Commenting on key posts helps boost your followers whether they are on a competitor’s page or an influencer’s profile. Commenting is one of the most effective social interactions as it displays your interest in other brands and topics. Interacting with your community is also another vital pillar of the UpMedio community management service. Nothing shows better customer service than one-on-one replies. When users interact with your posts and use your hashtags, we reply with customized responses that address the issue at hand in the best manner possible. Your clients would, without a doubt, appreciate your responsiveness, thus giving your business higher credibility.

Schedule Instagram Posts with the Best Social Media Marketing Tools

Instagram was initially a visual media sharing application that allows users to endorse and reward beautiful storytelling visual content. The platform has developed today into a well-rounded experience that includes features such as videos, the boomerang, and hyper-lapse functions, along with Live streaming and daily stories. Our graphic design team can support your posts with visually appealing content that will help increase interest in your brand. As is the case with all social media platforms, timing is key. We provide scheduling features to help you select which posts you want to publish and the most opportune times to do so. The preliminary audit will provide a good idea of ideal posting times and when users are the most active. Scheduling posts is also an easy way to free up space for more creativity. When you’re not pressed for time trying to find new content for your next posts, you run a high chance of encountering more worthwhile ideas.

Build Your Brand by Collaborating with Both International and Local Influencers on Instagram

Growing your brand also involves connecting to the space of well-known and promising influencers. Following core influencers can grant you an inside scoop on the types and styles of posts they create and what followers of similar interests like most. Influencers should not only be seen as competitors but as partners who can help grow your brand with deep, lasting collaborations. Co-branding can add to your audience base by increasing awareness through guided targeting of your partners’ userbases. Partnerships in your industry will most evidently provide a large pool of potential customers that can be tapped into at any given time.

Monitor Your Performance with Our Digital Marketing Experts in Bangkok, Thailand

We implement several measurement tools in order to properly manage your account and evaluate the effectiveness of your social media campaign on Instagram. We keep a close watch on your results, and we constantly refine our process, bringing you the deliverables you need.

The Foundation of Good Instagram Marketing Services

Social media marketing, specifically Instagram marketing, is the future of growing businesses and campaign goals. The face of digital marketing is ever-changing, and it is the life-blood of successful marketing agencies to stay ahead of the curve. The social media presence of a company can make or break its progress.

The starting point of any successful ad campaign is to generate leads that will eventually turn over into actual sales; however, an effective Instagram marketing strategy is so much more than that. Sponsored content and paid ads are only one part of social media marketing, and it is essential that a marketing agency understand the difference between this type of Instagram marketing and the broader, more encompassing part that involves actual content creation on social media channels, including Instagram posts and Instagram stories to market both products and the brand as a whole. Upmedio is not just an Instagram advertising agency, we offer a wide range of services, and our Instagram marketing and Instagram advertising are only a small part of the services that we offer.

Therefore, we understand that tailored content creation is essential for Instagram ad campaigns and Instagram account management to reach the right target audience and to effectively engage with the desired Instagram audience. Organic engagement must be fostered while still using proprietary tools to increase visitors to brand social media profiles, increase organic website traffic, and drive e-Commerce through effective and expert content management.

We have an expert understanding of how the Instagram ad process works, and through this understanding, we know exactly how to reach your target users through your Instagram feed. We also engage in outreach in the form of Influencer marketing and approaching other Instagram users to forward our marketing campaigns and other Instagram content. We have managed anything from fashion brands to video content for a very specific niche through content curation.

Brief Introduction to Instagram Marketing Services

Instagram marketing is achieved through different strategies and processes that are followed on Instagram and through its various features. These can be difficult to distinguish from each other at first. Let’s take a closer look at some of the core functionalities.

Instagram Ads

Instagram ads work much the same as any advertising campaign that most people in business are familiar with. Targeted content is created for the purpose of Instagram advertising. The Instagram platform then allows for those ads to appear in the news feeds of your ideal target audience based on the content that they have already subscribed to. This kind of Instagram campaign fits nicely into a multi-platform approach and is the foundation of many Instagram marketing agencies based across the world.

Promoted Posts

In the world of Instagram marketing, promoted posts are quite similar to Instagram Advertising, aside from the fact that this kind of post is available until it is removed by the company, as opposed to an ad which automatically disappears when its circulation period is over. Instagram campaigns often involve a mix of both advertisements and posts that are promoted straight to the news feeds of their target market.

Influencer Marketing

Any Instagram advertising agency based anywhere in the world will understand how essential influencer marketing is to an Instagram marketing agency. Influencers have the ability to reach large numbers of online users and often promote business through their Instagram stories and other social media platforms in conjunction with an Instagram marketing agency that may have an existing relationship with them. Instagram marketing experts understand how important this part of social media management is, and some Instagram marketers specializing solely in outreach with influencers for the purpose of business marketing.

Engaging Content on your Instagram Profile Page

If you are aiming for a long-term solution for your business, then having your own home page for your brand is essential. This is a platform through which you can build your brand vision with the help of a creative director and a content calendar. Instagram makes this kind of marketing seamless as the platform is easy to use, easy to navigate, and facilitates large-scale exposure over short periods of time for an added boost in brand visibility for your business.

More than just an Instagram Marketing Company

UpMedio is far more than just an Instagram marketing agency; in fact, we are even more than a full-service Instagram agency. We offer a range of digital marketing services and much more.