Logo Design

Our Experts Can Bring Your Logo, Your Brand, Your Identity, to Life.


When it comes to branding and logo design, we bind ourselves in six basic principles; Simplicity, Scalability, Impact, Versatility, and Relevance. These six principles ensure that the project yields results of substance. Our logos must be unique, creative, and reflect the customer’s brand in a natural and intriguing way. They must be memorable and leave an impact upon customers even in a passing glance. UpMedio can deliver the most creative and ingenious logos, ones that invoke curiosity and inspiration when looked upon.


Once assigned the task, our team launches into a process of logo design that begins with the extensive analysis of your business, company or product. Our designers work on various concepts for your logo and collectively discuss the possibilities, ideas, and potential of each different design. Once a single design concept appeals to the client, the process progresses into shaping an idea into a logo, all while brainstorming different ways that it can be edited and utilized to best represent your company or product.


Our goal is to create a complete image of your brand’s identity that not only embodies your company’s core, but that also places you in the right positioning within your industry. Logos are the most memorable detail that a company can build a long lasting legacy upon. Various international brands are etched into the memory of various age groups, of people from the furthest corners of the planet. Our strategy is to create a logo that can be easily utilized in animations, with clever slogans or can at the very least be a memorable sight that invokes curiosity or inspiration.


If the elements that serve as catalysts of success in any company’s marketing were compiled into a list, logo design would be at the very top. International brands have managed to leave an imprint on adults and children alike from all over the world and regardless of age. This is due to how memorable their logos are, and the impact that’s left in their wake. Logo design is a vital cornerstone of success, and producing quality results takes attention to detail, perseverance and vision. UpMedio puts its team at your disposal, a group of talented designers and brainstormers that you can count on for ingenuity and excellence.