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When it comes to branding and logo design, we bind ourselves in five basic principles :

These five principles ensure that the project yields results of substance. A logo design must be unique, creative, and reflect the customer’s brand in a natural and intriguing way. They are the first point of contact between your product or services and the potential client. For that purpose, your online media, logo, and graphic design must be memorable to customers even with a passing glance. UpMedio can deliver the most creative and ingenious logo design results, ones that invoke curiosity and inspiration when looked upon.

We Create Logos That Best Represent Your Company

Once assigned the task, our team launches into a process of logo design that begins with an extensive analysis of your business, company, services, or product. Our designers work on various concepts for your logo and collectively discuss the possibilities, ideas, and potential of each different logo design. Once a single logo design concept appeals to the client, the process progresses into shaping an idea into logos, all while brainstorming different ways that it can be edited and utilized to best represent your company, services, or product.

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Our goal is to create a complete image of your brand’s identity that not only embodies your business at its core, but that also places it in the right position within your industry. Logo designs are the most memorable detail that a company can build a long-lasting legacy or image on. Various international brands are etched into the memory of various age groups, of people from the furthest corners of the planet. Our strategy is to create logo designs that can be easily utilized in animations, with clever slogans for your services that can at the very least be a memorable sight that invokes curiosity in your business or inspiration from it.

Let Your Brand Speak For Itself

If the elements that serve as catalysts of success in any company’s marketing were compiled into a list, logo design would be at the very top. International brands have managed to leave an impression on adults and children alike from all over the world and regardless of age, as well as maintain indirect contact with them. This is due to how memorable their logo design results are, and the impact that’s left in the wake of their intricate marketing efforts. Logo design is a vital cornerstone of success, and producing quality results takes attention to detail, perseverance, and vision. UpMedio puts its graphic design team at your disposal, a group of the most talented professionals in logo design Thailand has to offer, a group that you can count on for ingenuity and excellence.

Brand, Voice, & Graphic Design

Content, logo design, graphics, and media are all elements that grant a brand its identity, its voice and its appearance. With that particular goal in mind, we make sure that what we produce takes into account how all those factors merge to represent your business and its service, product, or operations. This goes beyond color schemes and matching imagery; this is where logo design takes part in a greater structure of the brand, voice, and graphic design.

What Makes Logo Design so Important?

An appealing and innovative logo design is the soul of your brand identity; the company logo is your brand image that the world sees and learns to associate with your brand identity. The key to brand building is your logo design.

Your logo design is the first thing about your business that grabs attention and forms the foundation of the first impression of your corporate identity. People always tend to remember the visual better than what they might read. So your logo design is likely to be the most memorable aspect of your corporate identity for potential customers.

The foundation of brand identity lies in logo design. Even elements such as packaging design and customer confidence or appealing to a target audience, the look of a brochure, etc., all can depend on a logo design. Thailand is one of the biggest business seats in Southeast Asia, and Upmedio employs experienced logo designers to help foster your brand identity through professional logo design services.

We understand that a logo design needs to be memorable, which is why we engage with the best designers to bring an excellent final logo to your company. We also understand that a logo design helps to separate you from your competition. The expertise of our team can set you apart from the competition and make you more visible to potential clients through services like quality logo design, professional web design, content creation, SEO optimization, Google Ads services, etc.

We also understand that the perfect logo can help foster brand loyalty. Your company logo reflects the brand identity of your business, and helps clients associate successful projects with your company. In today’s corporate climate, clients have come to expect a perfect logo from corporations that take their brand identity seriously. Clients are less likely to trust a company that does not readily display its logo design. Thailand is not the only place where this is true; in fact, it is a worldwide expectation.

A logo helps to create a feeling of connection between a brand and its target audience. Logo designs and packaging design becomes part of the overall image that clients have of your company and becomes associated with affordable quality projects or professional services provided, etc. These feelings are created by the service that you offer or the product you provide, but your logo is used to communicate the identity of the team that is responsible for these feelings.

Our team of expert designers at Upmedio thrives on creativity and can help shape a new design for a brand new business or revamp your existing logo design at affordable prices. We would love to help you develop your brand through branding, web design, creating effective SEO content, and overall hard work that is both in line with your branding needs and vision for the future and image of your business.

Branding Agency and Logo Design: Thailand

Upmedio employs an expert team of content creators, marketers, graphic designers and logo designers in our Bangkok office, but also elsewhere in Thailand, and across the globe. While we provide most of our service in Bangkok, Thailand, we also have clients in other countries outside of Thailand, including places like Singapore and the US.

Our process allows for us to provide specialized, tailor-made products to our clients for any job they might need. Whether it is something simple like a creative brochure design, or involves creating a brand new marketing or branding strategy, we have just the right people for the project.

Logo designers undertake their job like an art project that is specifically designed to develop a visual set of ideas that can be whittled down to the perfect logo design for your company. We foster continual engagement throughout the branding and design process until the project is complete and you have just the visual for your company that is sure to lead to many successful projects in your future.

When it comes to logo design, Thailand is no different from other countries. There is an ever-growing need to incorporate beauty and art into the corporate realm. A place like Bangkok, Thailand, has such a rich and vivid culture that it is easy to bring that art and culture aspect into logos through the design process. It is ultimately the responsibility of the designer to create a set of logos that are true to your company’s lineage in Bangkok, Thailand, or the greater Thailand area. Even for businesses outside of Thailand, there is a need to bring in a designer who understands that logos are also a form of art, and while the designer needs to focus on creating a professional product, they should also be able to create logos that showcase the soul of a company.

We can put a designer on your project who can produce exactly such a logo design. Thailand might be the seat of our home office, but our designer can help with projects anywhere and in any time zone, even outside of Thailand.

Contact our Bangkok, Thailand, office today to find out more about the ideal designer for your logo design needs. Continued support from a designer is included in your logo design package.