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Pinterest is a user-friendly social media platform that can serve as an excellent source of referral traffic as it’s one of the most fast moving social media platforms out there. Content on Pinterest is organized in themes and depending on your potential client’s interests, you can strategically position yourself to appear in their display feeds. Pinterest, much like a search engine, displays relevant pins on users’ boards with its evolved Smart Feed algorithm, making it easier to target leads based on user interests.

Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest Marketing

The First Stage to Creating a Successful Pinterest Ad

Before conducting a Pinterest Campaign, our process begins with a consultation that helps our team better understand your business needs. We analyze any issues you might be experiencing, how they can be addressed and the steps necessary to achieve your Pinterest Marketing goals.

Putting out Fresh Content for Your Pinterest Boards

Our team commits to generating relevant and enticing content for your page which is then handed to our social media managers to be transformed into pins that showcase your brand’s values and its strong points in stark clarity. When the need for it arises, we also have no qualms about custom designing pins for clients. As far as eCommerce sites are concerned, Pinterest gives you the opportunity to create Buyable Pins to better persuade customers to make purchases. UpMedio’s Content Writers will also provide you with Blog article posts for social bookmarking sites, and the opportunity to review and approve them before they’re posted.

Pinterest Marketing

Using Pinterest Advertising for Business Growth

Our team of social media experts will create you a brand page showcasing your name, a compelling description, pinnable photos, and boards that will not only ensure high engagement but will also boost activity surrounding your brand in an effort to build awareness. We optimize your website and implement Pin Buttons in order to create attraction and opportunities for high-quality backlinks. Our experts also interact with followers with the aim to increase online visibility and rate of conversion.

Pinterest Advertising Strategies Made for Your Success

Quite a few different pin types can be utilized in order to develop quick growth in activity on your account. Promoted Pins grant your content easier accessibility and visibility to users who have similar interests. The strength of Promoted Pins is that, like Ads, they integrate seamlessly into organic search results. This is an advantage for your business as your Ads are of actual interest to potential clients who are not distracted or interrupted. Rich Pins provide users with extra information from your site that shows what they will find in the pin. The different types include place pins, article pins, recipe pins, and movie pins.   Like all other social media platforms, Pinterest can be extremely time-consuming when not executed methodically. With our expertise, we will ensure that you get the best possible results in a condensed amount of time, allowing you to focus on other important responsibilities that come with running your business. We are able to schedule posts at specific times of the day when your audience is the most engaged and as well as reduce the need to create new content by looping your old ones.

Pinterest Marketing
Pinterest Marketing

Building a Strong Community with Your Pinterest Account

We help you connect to influential pinners in your sector and find valuable clients that can contribute in building a strong community. Our social media managers develop group boards for your accounts and like posts from other pinners in order to improve activity and increase the amount of new followers and likes. To boost your community building, we monitor and track social conversions through the use of social media analytics.

Analyzing Your Pinterest Campaign and Measuring Success

We deliver monthly analytics and industrial insights for your account to help improve your positioning. Once a campaign has been launched, the results are carefully studied and analyzed so we can recognize what has been working and how we can deliver content that are captivating to your audience.

Pinterest Marketing