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Instagram Shopping Feature

The time when you mainly inspired by Instagram is over! With the new ‘shopping function’, you can also seduce your followers to make a purchase. Yes, you can hear that! With this #linkinbio is a thing of the past, because you just add that link to your message. Does that sound like music to your ears? Then read on!

What is Instagram Shopping?

Tagging friends in a message is something you’re probably used to. With Instagram Shopping you do the same, but for (max. 5) products that you sell in your webshop. If you tag a product in your photo, a bag icon will appear in the lower-left corner. This allows your followers to immediately see that there is something to shop. With one click on the picture, you can see the name and price of the product, which links to a product page. Here you can give more information about the product (not in the mail itself!) and add a link to your webshop. How handy is that?

Useful for customer and seller

Product tagging makes it super easy for followers to find inspiration and get products in house. And all this while it doesn’t seem extremely sales-oriented. In fact, it’s even handy! Followers are already interested in your photos and if they are interested, all they have to do is click on the link to go to your webshop. The customer journey is so smooth that fewer customers drop out, they are happy with your product and you are happy with extra sales!

Instagram Shopping for your webshop in 4 steps:

Step 1: Create and link a Facebook and Instagram business account.

Step 2: Have your company account checked by Facebook. Do you meet the requirements? Then the shopping option will automatically appear in your Instagram menu.

Step 3: You can now create a catalog with the products you want to tag on Instagram via Facebook. 

Step 4: On Instagram, go to Settings > Company Settings > Shopping and select the product catalog. From now on, you can tag products!

TIP: Scroll through your feed and see if you can add product tagging to old photos. After 9 tagged messages, Instagram will keep a product feed for just these messages under the ‘shop’ button on your profile. Followers can see all the products you sell here. 

Also for Instagram Shopping you will find statistics in the app. You can see how often a product has been viewed and how often a payment link has been clicked. Then you know exactly which message is successful or not. 

Instagram Shopping facts

  • You can tag up to five products in your photo. Do you post more than one photo? Then you can tag up to 20 items.
  • You can tag products or people in your photo.
  • You can also tag old photos with your products.
  • You have a minimum of nine items in your Facebook shop.

New Instashopping in your stories

You now also have the possibility to tag products in your stories!

This is how you can do it. Follow these steps:

  • Click on the sticker icon
  • Click on product
  • Choose the product you want to tag.

Now you can also send your followers directly from your stories to your products.

Additional advice

Do you want to get the most out of Instagram Shopping? Then be sure to follow these extra tips:

  • Create at least 9 shopping messages on your Instagram company profile to make the ‘Shopping’ tab available to your target group.
  • Tag multiple products to help your audience explore and browse
  • Use Stories to let your audience know that they can now shop through your posts.
  • Use image and carousels
  • Make sure each tag gets to the right product, so buyers know which product a tag is referring to.

What about now? Let’s get to work! Good luck!