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Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the process of improving a website’s content and related keywords to increase its visibility on a search engine in order to boost traffic. SEO lead generation is unlike AdWords because it focuses on optimizing unpaid results as opposed to paid ones. Google is the primary search engine most people use, but it’s not the only one out there.

The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search.” Most Google users are more likely to visit one of the Top 5 websites presented on the first page of search results. As much as possible, a website needs to rank in one of the top positions to drive more visitors and organic traffic to your company’s website or social media account.

Customers tend to trust Google results much more than it is apparent. If a website ranks in one of the top 3 search results let alone the first page, users deduce that this is an established company that is very capable, is an authority in its field and popular.

Upmedio, as a full-service SEO company in Bangkok Thailand, works to get your website ranked for both local and foreign audiences in any language necessary. A snowball effect is frequently observed once a website starts getting more clicks and visitors. It creates sustained momentum that improves a website’s ranking quality on a Google search engine results page.

Working on your website’s SEO so your business ranks higher and is picked up by search engines, is a way to continuously improve your sales pipeline or e-commerce platform. Many aspects of a website can be improved over time leading to better results for the business that owns it. Content for each web page SEO can be developed, a blog can be established, loading times can be improved, better meta tags, more organic traffic can be generated etc.

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How SEO Company Services Are Performed:

Relevant Keywords Research – The First Strategic Step in a Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Only when an SEO company and digital marketing agency understands your business and goals, keyword research can begin. The best SEO strategy requires a thorough examination of the target keywords that relate to your project, the keywords your competitors are targeting and which phrases/keywords potential clients and target audience are using in their Google searches.

Leading SEO companies normally compile all data and use the advanced search optimization tools they have at their disposal to prioritize keywords based on their competitiveness. Chosen keywords are partitioned into different tiers based on the level of difficulty and impact.

The first step towards successful SEO services and marketing is understanding potential customers, their business and their goals.

On-Site SEO: Making the Website Optimized.

Once the keywords are known, the next stages involve deciding on how to place them on the website landing pages and modify the content to reach the extent and quality seen on high ranking websites. It is beneficial to adhere to a structure detailing which website pages are optimized for each keyword. This structure acts as a guideline for new content creation and existing content optimization.

New content is typically driven by a content marketing team informed by SEO strategy, who work to provide better page descriptions, integrate optimized keywords into the existing copy, and create new content as necessary (for new web pages or for blog articles). To get the best results, content writers should be well-versed in Google’s E-A-T guidelines.

Website optimization and SEO work include many other aspects aside from the content. This includes source code optimization, titles, headers, meta descriptions, load time, information architecture, and thin content page removal. Following search engine guidelines, we improve the search engine friendliness of your website and also ensure user navigation runs smoothly. When this phase is completed, each page of your website will be optimized with updated content that will better rank for search queries for the target keywords.

SEO strategy experts hone their knowledge and capabilities by crawling hundreds of websites and their many pages for optimizing and defining an internal linking strategy. There’s a strong preference for SEO providers to also be web design companies because this often allows for the experience needed to make efficient site modifications.

Off-Site SEO Agency Marketing: Link Building to Increase Domain Authority

The key step in any SEO marketing process is the one that will increase your website authority. An authority website is much more likely to have its content rank – delivering larger volumes of visitor and organic traffic. An SEO agency will typically propose a variety of strategies for link building, such as getting your business featured in international media outlets, local news hubs and various websites. In past collaborations with business clients, our SEO services in Thailand have published blogs, reviews, comments, and guest posts to name a few.

SEO Reports – From the First Audit to Weekly Results

Every SEO agency that promises results should act with transparency from the very start, and provide weekly ranking reports as well as insight reports as the project progresses. Google SEO algorithms change and adapt constantly so search engine optimization strategy has to adapt accordingly. As part of the SEO services, we communicate at regular intervals so it can inform your digital marketing strategy alongside your social media marketing.