Online Reputation Management Services

We outperform even the best results and elevate your reputation


Our process begins with gathering and measuring information related to your business. Your reputation score is then determined by the qualitative data provided to us by your current brand perception, ratings, social mentions, and other market factors. The total number of sites that contain published reviews of your company or operations are extensively analyzed in order to deduce the accuracy of the information, the volume of reviews both negative and positive, along with the authenticity and authority that the aforementioned sites impose, all while deeply researching and understanding the timeline of the reviews themselves, and how recently or frequently they are often posted. Once we’ve established a thourough reputation audit, we will customize a strategy specifically designed to address your needs.


Our team of marketing experts offers assistance in the tedious task of creating and tailoring business profiles on platforms that are best suited for your company. Our strategy incorporates a mix of different online marketing tools in order to improve your online reputation including an ORM responsive element that moves negative mentions regarding your business down in search results. Our team constantly works on creating positive reinforcing content and promoting it on relevant sites. Not only that, but we also pride ourselves on the level of proactivity our team possesses, especially in handling the process of removing or altering erroneous and damaging content. Our services also include blogger outreach and collaborations, press releases, and of course social media presence over several major platforms to help spread a positive image.


UpMedio provides guidance in developing the right strategy for your business to consistently generate positive reviews. This may take form of email marketing where review links are sent to customer or surveys which can be used to understand how well your service or product aligns with the customers’ needs. This will conclusively increase your reach and put you on the same playing field as your competitors. Onsite opportunities to write reviews are implemented with the goal to satisfy clients and encourage ratings. These different methods aren’t just about getting positive reviews or good content, as we aim for long term growth. This process is especially useful seeing as honest feedback from a customer’s perspective could be the difference between the current state of your company, and the growth that you’re hoping for.


Improving your online reputation takes time and progress needs to be constantly monitored. Our team continuously monitors your performance by capturing conversations that address or mention your brand. Social listening is the process of monitoring what people are saying about your company on social media outlets. During this phase we gather data on customers, study and analyze trends and set up alerts of any worthwhile changes. Reputation management is about being prepared for the worst situations. We develop crisis communications strategies to ready you for any type of issues that come your way. This guide will aid your staff in managing negative reviews, comments, and false advertisements.