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Your Identity, Our Artistic Touch. Your Brand, Our Design.


Immaculate branding is any and every company’s highest priority. It is the initial and most important point of contact with the public, be it prospective customers or partners and investors. As such, defining one’s brand and manifesting it in the company’s visual design is the catalyst that both captures possible leads and ensures that your project’s image is coated with accuracy and professionalism. As such, we take the time to fully understand your company, your product and your target market. It is imperative to display standards as high as the regard one holds for their company and customers, and your brand is the first place to start.


At UpMedio, we place the influence and power of branding in the highest regard. It is our philosophy that before tending to customers, it is wise to address one’s own image first. As such, we elect to work hand in hand alongside you, to guarantee that your business is on the right path to success. Our elaborate designs and intricate logos are not the only elements we implement to distinguish your website. We go the full mile, making use of all tools at our disposal, thoroughly examining and pulling into perspective the combination of themes, names, concepts and colour schemes, alongside various other elements, to shed light upon your vision and the website that you’ve created to embody it, to distinguish you from your competitors. Our own goals are set upon the solid foundation of your own, we define our tasks based on the steps necessary to create high-quality results, and achieving the best there is for your company.


Branding begins with cementing an accurate understanding of all that is affiliated with your business. It is all about determining the root purpose of your company and where you wish to lead it. This will, in turn, grant you valuable insight in shaping your brand identity, thus giving way to the artistic touch to embody such concepts. Proper branding becomes less challenging at this point, as our talented designers take the reins and lead the surge of change throughout the visual outlook of your project, constantly brainstorming new concepts and ideas that best reflect your mission. The creative process here is vital, as the rest of our team continues to provide useful feedback that further aids the designers in their artistic process. Over time, the combination of both artistic creation and innovative conceptualization give way to a highly coveted concept that is then adopted as the main frame of your company’s identity. It is here that it becomes evident that your website is where insight, art, and innovation meet.


The focal point of any company, and one of the most important aspects of your business. Your brand identity defines just how your clients, employees and all individuals or establishments perceive your company at first glance, and in the long run. Due to the heavy lifting that it would eventually have to carry, your brand identity must be well adjusted and tactfully put together. Your brand and logo are the sum of many visual aspects – color, image, and style to name a few. These elements and many more need to be carefully considered when creating or developing your brand.


UpMedio’s designers are a team of experienced and creative individuals that define, develop and nurture new and existing brands through meticulously crafted brand strategies, concepts, engagement goals, identity, implementation and communication through the various different types of media.


When your brand is finally revealed to the public, it must have a positive impact on your intended audience. Considering both your brand and your customers, we seamlessly connect your intended audience to your product or service. Customers today are looking for smooth interactions and an optimally hassle-free experience. We have the tools and skills to not only ensure that your website is easily accessible but to also make your brand stand out. Furthermore, by developing applications, platforms, campaigns, and experiences which align with your client’s standards and interests, we add value to your brand, consequently inspiring greater customer loyalty and ultimate brand growth.


Well-crafted designs with eye-catching and visually pleasant elements, are the one most fundamental and direct method used to attract new clients. Design, as mentioned above, has a major impact on branding and consequently affects how the company and the product are perceived and reacted to. Creating the best and most suitable designs is one of the pillars of success in any competitive business sector.


The UpMedio team has the tools, skills and ingenuity required to create a variety of sales and marketing material that will without a doubt have a positive professional impression on your leads and clients. This includes but is not limited to logos, posters, brochures, advertisements, direct mailers, newsletters, outdoor media, stand banners and much more. Our designs are created in style following client requirements, our own experience in the visual arts, and if available – the brand identity.


Our designers start with an analysis process in which they create concepts, solutions and share ideas. Cultural, physical, social and cognitive factors are considered when the planning and execution of designs take place. UpMedio designers work according to the needs and priorities set for your business. We employ contemporary techniques and technologies to convey your message and the key selling points within to the targeted audience in the best possible way.


UpMedio provides brand and design consultancy services that offer an analysis of your current design needs, and the steps or change needed to nurture the growth of your company through the meticulous development of its image. Our consultants help solve complex branding and identity challenges. At UpMedio we specialize in web design, software development, digital marketing, brand strategy, and innovation. We employ a systematic approach driven by innovative thinking in order to resolve all issues. UpMedio strengthens your company’s image through accurate brand positioning and architecture, identity development and brand strategy consulting services.


Design and marketing always go hand in hand. Our strategic marketing consultants opt to take a structured approach to further drive growth, from situation assessment to marketing strategy and plan development. Our digital marketing consultants create powerful strategies and plan to acquire and retain clients.