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Our ‘Scaling Down’ Approach To Google AdWords PPC

Our ‘Scaling Down’ approach begins with the creation of an extremely large account in terms of the number of keywords, adgroups, ads and campaigns. Structure is everything, creating the right structure would allow us to trim the account down to what truly convert leads within 1-2 weeks.

Scaling up, i.e. adding keywords, and ads after the account starts operating would lead to less data capture early on. Using this approach also costs unnecessary time and has the potential to jeopardize the entire account.

At the start of an ad account development process, we work to understand what can deliver leads. Our team performs an analysis of your products or services to understand your offering as a whole. This allows us to starting developing keyword lists. Lists of exactly what your business does/sells/delivers. These are very narrow, targeted keywords that would convert leads. We also create ads to match the different keywords. This process is done in consultation with you, as you know your business best.

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Ensuring a Google AdWords Campaign Delivers Leads

Poorly managed campaigns can be a black hole for your advertising budget. Even the most well-planned campaigns require regular supervision and optimization to be successful. Despite the many automated optimization features offered by Google, human oversight is essential.

Comprehensive Google Adwords optimization includes taking a broad view of the ads and the campaign’s overall performance, as well as a thorough individual keyword analysis. Optimization changes can range from enabling or disabling keywords, to adjusting bids and campaign settings. We also conduct larger-scale changes such as landing page optimization and new ad campaign creation. These advertisements range from textual ads which appear alongside search results, to banner ads featured in display networks.

A Google Adwords account that has matured is one that achieves a high-scale impression rate. This can take time, maybe a few months, oftentimes years. This is not uncommon as actionable insights are revealed gradually after continuously optimizing ads. Over time, we can reduce your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by refining the keyword targeting and monitoring your page’s performance. While optimizing ads is most intensive at the start of a new marketing campaign, it is a never-ending process. Our team of experts continously works to ensure that your campaign is running efficiently as possible. Your goals, set with our support, will act as the focal point of any and all collective marketing measures taken.

Analyzing AdWords Campaigns – Making Your Data Work For You

Management of an account requires understanding what is happening, what is the trend, and where to make adjustments to improve the results. Our scaling down approach means we normally start optimization by removing and subtracting. We look for keywords that do not convert but use up budget, ads that do not perform well. Once the necessary clean up is complete, we look at the bidding data, and how clicks perform on the site (duration, bounce, etc). Taking this approach weekly and making 2-3 major changes, along with 1-4 minor changes would bring an account to maturity within 3 months of running.

Getting The Most Out Of Google Adwords With Effective PPC Management

UpMedio offers a set of consultancy services that caters specifically to existing Google Adwords accounts that under-perform and do not produce a steady amount of leads/sales. Our marketing consultants would start working on such an account by first carrying out an in-depth audit of the campaigns and closely examining your website as well. We would identify factors that negatively affect conversion rates and drive the campaigns downards.

Once existing issues are identified, we provide a list of in-depth recommendations. We also offer to manage your Google Adwords account on your behalf. By taking over your PPC management, we can ensure changes to your ads are correctly executed and monitor their impact in real time. At UpMedio, we maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS) by tracking and improving conversions, with the ultimate goal of getting you more inbound phone calls and emails.