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Transgender Thailand

Transgender Thailand offers customers gender reassignment operations, which from customers’ perspective includes doing a lot of research and an investment of money in medical costs. Coming to this decision is extremely hard and time-consuming for many, so the company is doing its best to assure patients that they will receive everything they’ll ever need.

Project Results

Overall traffic


Paid search


Cost per conversion

The Challenge

To increase leads via paid channels which involve (Google ads, Facebook and Microsoft Advertising). The goal was mainly to increase traffic and reduce cost per lead by delivering ads to the audiences which are most likely to be engaged with the content we provide

Hurdles and Obstacles

  • Limited monthly budget 
  • Due to Google’s “Healthcare and medicines” advertising policies we weren’t able to run remarketing campaigns via Display ads. That increased our costs and made us try other strategies to more effectively fit the needs of our customers
  • Due to Facebook’s “Discriminatory Practices” Policy, we couldn’t advertise directly to Transgender communities which also made us think out of box

Strategy & Solution

As mentioned above we ran into several restrictions because of advertising policies and therefore we changed strategy accordingly.
We were not able to advertise display ads and couldn’t use funnel principles for cold audiences, because we were not able to retarget transgender audiences in Google and also finding transgender audiences in Facebook was discrimentory.

So first of all we focused on Google search ads because only people searching for operations would be our main audience because they already have intent. So we did every keyword variation possible with every possible procedure and divided them into separate ad groups and campaigns with UTM’s so we were able to track every occurred click in GA. We started with broad keywords with a tone of exclusions and optimized each campaign, ad group, keyword and ad from time to time. Then we narrowed the search intent and optimized on high quality leads. On top of that to reach other markets outside English speaking ones we did ad translations to cover most spoken languages across the world/

Based on customers behaviour we understood that the Transgender community frequently uses Microsoft Edge, with this insight we tried Microsoft advertising ads which showed to have the highest conversion rate.

We reduced Brand Awareness and Engagement campaigns to zero, because of our main priority. What we did was optimize on inquires which we did by enabling several conversions actions: like chat clicks, 3+ minute duration on website, leaving the form submission. With the help of daily optimizations we were able to generate a huge deal of traffic.

Google, Bing, Facebook ads examples:


The trend of increasing search traffic during the time (Screenshot from Google Analytics)

The trend of increasing search traffic during the time (Screenshot from Google Analytics)

Paid Traffic Growth Increase (Screenshot from Google Analytics)

Cost Per Conversion reduction during the time period (Screenshot from Google Ads)The overall conversions have not changed from day 1, when we had chat click, 3+ minute time spent on page and form submission. What we did here is we optimized campaigns based on cost per conversion, which we did by changing audiences, keywords and ads.

Additionally with gaining traffic we reduced cost per conversion 3 times.