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Thailand Holiday Group

Thailand based sales team helping Australians with trip management in Thailand.

Project Results



Goal completion rate

The Challenge

Thailand Holiday Group was launched on December 1st, before the pandemic. Due to the Covid situation Thailand was closed and therefore it was impossible to THG team to operate, because of almost no search intent from the Australian market.

Hurdles and Obstacles

  • Increase number of inquiries 
  • Limited monthly budget 
  • No search intent in Australian market
  • Understand customers behavior and steps to optimize strategy accordingly
  • Changing of business model

Strategy & Solution

Here we see how interest in Thailand changed from 2019 till today for the Australian market. Because of that situation google search ads were impossible to run, so our team came to another idea.

We created several audience groups for our Display ads which were running only in Australia based on our target audience digital behaviour like: engaged, searching for honeymoon destinations, searching for trips in thailand and families by cities breakdowns. Display responsive ads were optimized accordingly. We used optimized targeting as soon as it came to market with audience expansions. Overall we increased traffic to the website from google Display ads.

On top of that we did Adroll ads with contextual and lookalikes targeting. But the main breakthrough became facebook with the newly added feature of “Reaching additional potential travelers”.

In the case of Google and adroll it was necessary to redirect customers from ads to website but with help of Facebook lead campaigns we got lead conversions directly from ads with the lowest cost possible. What we understood from Facebook was that we can broaden the business to other European countries as well, due to their interest in Thailand.
On top of all paid traffic we heavily optimized SEO so our organic rankings increased hugely. (Screens are attached below) 

We increased the number of inquiries directly from facebook leads campaigns in Australia, UK and Gulf counties with $3 per high quality lead optimization on potential travelers and creating a/b test for forms. We also pushed campaigns for Brand awareness and engagement which enabled us to increase our remarketing list and therefore increased lookalikes quality as well.


Reduced cpc on google and adroll by optimizing on the best performing audiences and ads.

Traffic increased during the time (Screenshot from Google Analytics)
During the time we tried 3 paid mediums and left only the best performing one without increasing the costs.

Conversion rate increase Chat button clicks, Form Submissions, Website duration up to 5 minutes, “Contact Us” page visit. (Screenshot from Google Analytics)

Increase of total clicks and Impressions in time period (Screenshot from Google Search Console)