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Qualee is an award-winning employee experience platform designed to empower organizational alignment and belonging.

Project Results

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The Challenge

Qualee offers different features for different location demographics. The main challenge was that this product is B2B which makes it hard to advertise with a classical approach.

Some products were strictly for the European market like whistleblowing apps); while some of them were more for Asian and US markets.

Also the webpage wasn’t converting that well, at the beginning of partnership we faced a huge deal of bounce rates.

And the rankings on key keywords were much lower than competitor’s ones. So we did start from empty sheet and did our best to:
1) Generate the good quality traffic on website
2) Decrease the cost per conversion

Hurdles and Obstacles

  • Limited monthly budget 
  • Understanding customers behavior

Strategy & Solution

Our first strategy was identifying the main objectives and fields we should start working on.

After a huge increase in traffic (booth organic and paid), the problem was that the audience had a hard time converting and we got huge bounce rates. In order to improve that we tried A/B testing onto the pricing page, added chat plugging onto the website so visitors could connect with us any time on top we added banners which were shown on exit click so we once again caught our visitors attention. With all that happening we hugely improved the bounce rate.

On top of all, we highly advertised via google ads for people responsible for business decision making on all continents and aimed for the best possible lead quality and costs. We did a lot of testing, optimizations and funnel building before we understood how our target audience interacts with us, so improvements were fascinating.
One main advertising tool was email marketing which we did daily and based on results it got us huge portion of good quality traffic

Ad examples:

Pop-up examples:


With lots of testing and optimizations we were able to identify best performing demographics, campaigns, audiences and ads which helped hugely decrease cost per conversion.

On top of advertising efforts we spend a lot of time with CRO, which on another hand noot only increased the number of ad ranking and organic traffic, but also helped with bounce rate and customer retention.

Increase in traffic (google analytics screenshot)
Around 30% of all traffic was paid advertising. Without increasing the costs we increased overall traffic as shown in picture

Increasing conversion without cost increase (Screenshot from Google Ads)

Increase in Goal Competitions (Screenshot from Google Analytics)