Web Design
International School Bangkok

Widely recognized as one of the premier international schools in the world, International School Bangkok has been providing quality education since 1951 to expatriates representing more than 60 countries.

Project Results

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The Challenge



UI/UX Transformation

ISB is a very large website. Before even starting the design of the pages we had to nail down thesite structure in it’s entirety. A lot of the work went into making sure the main header categories were clear and that nothing would be lost within sub-pages.





Old Menu Structure

The website had too many choices presented to users under each main category dropdown. Most options lead to pages with additional dropdown categories. It was cumbersome and unintuitive.

New Menu Structure

Our team created a mega- menu structure and changed the order of items based on what the school desired to feature and what the average user would look for.

Simplifying the overall structure of the website

A new sitemap was created to aid in understanding what pages should be removed or condensed.

Visualization of Core Values

Icon creation of values the school aims to imbue their students

Card-based Student Class List

ISB offers a multitude of classes for it’s high schoolers. UpMedio thought it was best to make the experience of planning and selecting courses visually playful.

Landing Page Creation

These pages were made to help prospective parents familiarize themselves with the curriculum and goals of the school.