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Infinity Financial Solutions

Infinity Financial Solutions is a leading provider of expat financial services and wealth management services across Asia with offices in Malaysia, China, Cambodia and Vietnam.

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The Challenge

For the purpose of lead generation, Infinity needed their website redesigned for higher visitor engagement and improved user experience. The project was primarily an exercise in creating a better hierarchy for how information is presented to users.

Clearer Menus

Dropdown menu items were reorganized into distinct categories to help orient visitors on the site. Pages accessible from the menu were also given descriptions to make them less obtuse and serve as soft call-to-actions.



Making It Personal

Infinity’s greatest strength as a company is that they’re able to offer personalised plans for their clients. One of the main goals of the redesign was to make the company feel more approachable and caring beyond the written word.



Bliss and contentment were themes we kept in mind during the photo selection process.

Show Then Tell

People read websites if an emotional appeal is used to connect them to a concept. The first two things you’ll see on the new ‘About’ page is a happy family and a sincere statement summarising the company’s purpose. This is then followed by a section about what the company does and where.

If you scroll farther down, the new design broke information into easily digestable sections with only a few lines of text.

Clearly-defined and straight to the point sections will save your visitors from scanning too quickly through a page because of the dreaded “Too long, didn’t read” syndrome.



The Service Pages

The new service page layout was designed to be more reader friendly. We made pages more dynamic by increasing the point size of titles, color-highlighting text, and using images to create breathing room. Both the old and new pages pictured below share the same amount of body text.

The info fields required by the contact was reduced to increase the number of completed submissions. Also the shape of the form was changed to make it friendly for more screen sizes.

A testimonials slider was added to the bottom of the template in case users were still on the fence of contacting Infinity after reading the main content.



Blog Restructuring

The blog was rebranded as “Infinite Insights” to make it more apparent that the information within was written to give genuine help and advice.

The new collection page does a better job of highlighting the latest articles. ‘Retirement Planning’ and ‘Insurance’ are used as featured article categories because they are the main services the company is trying to get leads for.

A category selector and a search bar were added to help people find specific content.



Quality of Life

On the original website, in order to access a webinar video you would need to first open the main webinar page, then open a sub-page which contained a download link that led to a third-party hosting site.

We resolved this by completely removing the sub-pages and adding everything to a single page so that webinar videos are only ever two clicks away from the any page on the Infinity website.

For a better browsing experience, the first-frame from each webinar was used to create thumbnails.