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What is SEO and how does it work?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a collective term for all processes that contribute to the organic high score of a web page in search engines. Through the effective use of SEO techniques, it is possible to attract more visitors to desired webpages. Part of an SEO strategy includes link building and keyword optimization. Many companies that operate online are dependent on SEO because they want to generate digital traffic from keyword engines.

Wait, what is SEO?

Sorry if we went a bit too fast; we’re trying to explain SEO a bit more calmly now. SEO is an abbreviation that stands for Search Engine Optimization. It actually means nothing more than optimizing websites in such a way that they are shown higher in search engine searches such as Google or Bing. 

How does SEO work?

To tell you how SEO works, we actually need to explain to you how the techniques that provide an SEO optimized website work. Optimizing your website consists of several actions that together ensure that the overall SEO value of your website increases. These actions include:

  • Optimizing for the most important keywords
  • Writing clear and relevant content
  • Link building
  • Using a clear META structure

Below we briefly explain strategies:

Optimizing for the most important keywords

When users search in Google, they fill in keywords. The goal is that your website will be found on those keywords. For example, if someone is looking for “Bakery Bangkok”, and you have a bakery in Bangkok, then you probably want to be shown on that search with your website. This is not easy; you have to show Google that your web page is relevant to this search. After all, Google’s goal is to make it as easy as possible for the user by providing the most relevant information.

Writing clear content

At first, you always want to write your web page for the reader. Make sure that the content on the page is relevant for reading. For example, if you scatter keywords throughout your page in an attempt to optimize your website, this will be at the expense of the content. Search engines such as Google see to what extent visitors appreciate your content and where they change their ranking. In this way, Google keeps track of how long visitors on your website and how often they click through. However, if your content is not good, your web page will not be ranked high in the search results either.

Link Buildings

One of the most important SEO techniques is link building. Because search engines want to treat all websites equally, they can hardly see which websites are more important than others. Looking at links is one of the ways they can still make an indication which pages are more relevant than others. For example, if there is a Wikipedia article on a popular topic, and your website is mentioned as an important source, then Google appreciates your information a little higher than that of similar websites. Generating and maintaining these kinds of links is an essential part of SEO, called Link Building.

Clear META Structure

A META structure is the entire structure of a website, minus the content. Think of using the correct formatting of titles, URLs, breadcrumbs and internal links. Search engines use robots, also called crawlers or spiders, to scan your website. A neat and optimized META structure ensures that robots can better understand your website. Google will, therefore, place your website higher than websites where this META structure has not been optimized.

How can I learn SEO myself?

The fastest and most effective way to learn SEO is with an SEO course.

Or weeks of personal hands-on training by the best experts in SEO, content creation, networking is the fastest and most effective way. But that’s either unfeasible or unaffordable.

A course is both feasible and affordable. Such an SEO course is built to teach you the essentials as quickly as possible and to get you started. With a clear strategy, case studies, practical examples, manuals, and tactics.

A workshop is also possible. But I’m skeptical about how much you can learn with a presentation of a few hours and an exercise or two. SEO is a very broad field and just like other skills, you’ll spend more than a few hours learning the basics.

The alternative is to learn SEO in a long way

This means scanning thousands of articles, reading hundreds of SEO articles and manuals, studying Google’s guidelines, testing what works, experimenting with tactics (on different websites) and putting together a framework of the collected knowledge.