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What is outreach and 24 tips on how to use it in your company

Outreach is a great way for a company to reach many customers and inform them about upcoming sales, changes or new products. One of the biggest benefits of outreach is that wide amount of your target group will be reached and it is can be personal to each target group, therefore more personal to a consumer itself. An outreach is usually associated with email marketing or social media outreach, especially on LinkedIn for promotional and connection purposes to increase conversion. In this article, I will list many tips that will help you achieve wanted results with outreach on multiple platforms. So, let’s start:

Make sure you have a good email system

Managing and growing your email list requires reliable software that is easy to work with. Mailchimp is perhaps the best known and most used package. A great package to start with and also free of charge. There are also alternatives, which are more user-friendly and have more options. You pay a monthly subscription fee. Consider for yourself which package suits you best and what budget you have for it.

Fill in the form on your website

If you want your mailing list to grow, your first action is to put a form on your website. Technically simple and very effective.

Tell us the added value

Make it clear to your visitors what the advantages are when someone signs up for a newsletter. Why do visitors have to commit to you? What can visitors expect when they subscribe to your newsletter.

A link to the form in your email signature

Place a sentence at the bottom of your email signature with the text ‘Subscribe to our newsletter now’ with a link to the subscription form on your website.

Add existing customers

Don’t forget your existing customers! Sending newsletters to existing customers is a form of relationship management. They have already brought you sales, a reference for your website. Maintaining contact with existing customers may be more difficult than making new contacts. Cherish your existing customers.

Write relevant and attractive readable articles

Give first, then receive. Dare to give away relevant value in exchange for a name and email address. You show your value in your field of expertise (expert). And if you send good and relevant newsletters, your subscribers will share your knowledge.

Speak the language of your target group

Make sure you have good titles that appeal and pleasantly readable texts on your landing page and on your entry forms. Let the visitor know that you are an expert in your field because then the visitor will take you seriously. Also, know how your target group wants to be addressed. If your sector is formal and businesslike, you should also use texts that fit in with it. 

Threshold low

The simpler the subscription form for your newsletter or download is, the easier it is for your visitors to leave their email address. Visitors don’t want to have to do much or complicated things to register. Do you really need a name, or is an email address sufficient? So just ask what you really need in order for visitors to register.

A link to your registration form on your business card

Use every opportunity to send people to you. A link on your business card encourages the recipient of your card to go to your website. Here, too, you can make it as easy as possible for them: place a QR code on your business card.

Let your visitors choose

Every visitor is unique. When a visitor searches for information about search engine optimization, she doesn’t want to receive a download about email marketing. Therefore, offer 2 or more different downloads and for each download (or newsletters) a separate form. In this way, you serve multiple visitors and your mailing list grows extra fast.

Use social media

Use your social media to attract visitors to your website. Dare to use valuable content in your messages on social media and show yourself. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or whatever platforms you use on a daily basis. A good tool for this is Buffer. Here you can prepare messages for a certain period of time, which will automatically be put on your social media channels. Also, consider the interaction (e.g. by adding a call to action to your messages on facebook).


Make an attractive download, which people receive after registration and recruit visitors via Adwords. You do pay for it, but that can be attractive in your case. Consider for yourself whether that works for you. If necessary, set a budget and invest that amount to see if online advertising works for you.

Sign up now for the announcement

A few hours before you send an email, post a message on your social media as a pre-notification that you are going to send a newsletter. This way, curious people can quickly register to receive the newsletter.

Launch a contest

You choose a winner from the applications that have registered within a certain period of time. Or organise an event/workshop, for which people can register for free.

Trade fairs

Collect email addresses if you are present at a trade fair or other event with a stand. Make it a competition. Place a large tray/vase/pot/glass on your stand and ask visitors to put their business card in it. At the end of the event, you will announce the winner (or you can do it by emailing). For example, give away a free consultation or something that suits your industry.

Add customer references to your registration form

A good reference has an action-enhancing effect on an application form. Visitors read the reference and are confirmed that you are an expert and therefore the right person to get in touch with. This motivates visitors to subscribe to your newsletter: ‘I want to know more about this’.

Use call to actions

Whether you write articles or record vlogs to share with your customers, visitors or followers, always end with a call to action. A call to action is nothing more than asking your visitors for action: to leave their email address for more information, to request an e-book or download PDF, to buy a product or to make an introductory appointment. A call to action increases attention (dare to ask).

Online webinar

Organize (regularly) a webinar, for which visitors can register. Or use a webinar to get visitors interested in more information. By allowing interested parties to register, you obtain their email address, which you can then use for email marketing.

Pop up screen

You can ask readers of articles on your website to sign up for more valuable content. A pop-up screen that pops up suddenly when you’re reading is very annoying but can be very effective. Readers (visitors) should actively click it away (via the YES or NO button).

Give a discount

If you have a webshop, give 5% or 10% discount on the first order they make after subscribing to the newsletter. This way you can collect email addresses of people who are interested in your products. Then you can mail them with nice products. A group will undoubtedly place an order with you.

Striking opt-in forms

Make sure that the colour of your registration form is striking. Different colour will alert the visitor to your website. Colours often have a certain meaning and a certain reaction. Blue calls for trust, green action and orange even more action. On the internet, you can find a lot of information about the use of colour, meaning and reaction. Also, look at what fits your industry (visitors).

Split test

If you don’t know the best way to offer your visitors a registration form, you can choose to work with 2 different designs (models). This is called split testing. Half of your visitors will see model A, the other half model B. Soon it will become clear that one model works better than the other. Split-testing can be done in many different ways.

Be personal

You’re a person who does business, has a business. People do business with people. Don’t hide behind an impersonal website, but let’s show you are. Your expertise is important, but not unique. People want to do business with you because they know you and your way of doing business is in line with theirs. Be open, be reliable, be approachable.

Be reliable

You ask for an email address, to offer your products or services to people. You want to do business, work, make money. Everyone will understand that. Be careful with someone else’s data. Nothing is so harmful if the customer discovers that you are not careful with his or her data. If a visitor signs up for e-mailing and leaves his or her email address with you, thank him or her for that and tell them that you will handle his or her data with care. Create trust and be reliable.

Not every tip will appeal to everyone. Choose 3 or 4 or 5 that are most appealing to you and that can be carried out for you. Do them well and stick to them. Focus and perseverance are very important. Give it time; with this, you take a step towards further growth.