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What is a Facebook Business Manager and what can you do with it?

There’s a lot to a successful business Facebook strategy.  As an administrator, you often have multiple pages (all with one or more advertising accounts) under your care. What’s more, you can’t ignore Instagram nowadays. All this means, in turn, generate notifications, messages, and data. It quickly becomes confusing and chaotic. That’s why Facebook has developed the Facebook Business Manager (Business Manager) for entrepreneurs.

The different means

Suppose you own a computer company. You sell parts at home and abroad. You focus on consumers and companies (e.g. car dealers). You are based in Bangkok with three branches. Each branch has its own Facebook company page, and you have different advertising accounts aimed at different countries.

If you have to maintain all of this from your own, personal Facebook profile, you will soon succumb to all the notifications and you will have little or no overview of your advertising spend and its results.

Is this recognizable for you? The Facebook Business Manager (also known as Facebook Business Account or Facebook Business Manager) is a useful tool for anyone who uses Facebook for business purposes.

One central dashboard

With Facebook Business Manager, as a “manager” you have one central dashboard to which all your various resources are connected. It, therefore, provides an overview of all involvement and notifications, message performance, advertising issues, etc.

Work and Facebook separated

Where your personal Facebook account may have previously fallen victim to notifications on your personal Facebook account, the Business Manager will ensure that this remains separate. You must specifically login to the Business Manager if you want to make changes to your page.

This way, your personal Facebook will stay calm. If you want to manage your pages via your phone, you will need to download the “Page Management” app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Collaborating with colleagues

As a Business Manager, you have the opportunity to give your staff, or other partners and stakeholders, authorizations over all your resources. For example, if a third party marketing agency analyses your Advertising Account but does not want this person to have access to your payment details, then you should contact the Business Manager. Or does a holiday worker manage your Instagram page? Then you can give these colleagues (limited) access to the right resources in the Business Manager.

Moreover, you invite these colleagues via an email address and not via personal Facebook profiles, so that means that you don’t have to add all your colleagues as friends. This also keeps your work and private life separate.

In the end, you will have one central dashboard, where you and your colleagues can work together and where all the results are displayed together. From now on, you only have to navigate to one place to manage your entire Facebook and Instagram strategy.

How to create your Facebook Business Manager?

  1. Go to

Click on Create Account in the upper right corner. Then log in with your personal Facebook profile. 

  1. Enter the name of your company
  2. Creating your company profile

Here you can create a custom “Facebook profile” to keep your work and private life separate. You can use a business profile photo here instead of a private photo. You can still log in with your regular Facebook profile. You don’t have to remember an extra password for this business profile.

  1. The dashboard

This is the central dashboard where you can manage all your business pages, advertising accounts, and other resources.

  1. Adding your existing company page

In the dashboard, click on the Add page. You can then search for your company and access questions here. The page will then be automatically connected to your Business Manager. This means that you can’t manage the page the way you did before, but you can now do it all via or the Page Management app.