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Web Design Trends of 2019

Following the masses feels contradictory – because, for me, creativity is about doing something different from the rest. But on the other hand, I see trends as trendsetters. This makes it easier to make the right choices. In this article I would like to share the web design trends for 2019 with you. Get inspired and then give it your own twist. 

  1. 3D typography

Just when you thought the future was “flat”, the new trend is becoming the next version of 3D. 3D typography gives designers the freedom to improvise, with message and image in one. 

  1. Outlined fonts

In addition to 3D, we also see a striking trend. Outlined fonts. Where we’ve been a fan of the ghost buttons for years, now it’s the turn of the font. There is something elusive about this kind of empty elements. Especially in a world where thick sans-serif brands dominate the branding, a visually lighter letter shape has what every branding ultimately needs: a feeling that it is both revolutionary and reliable.

  1. Content is more important than ever!

Stock photos and illustrations have been out of the question for quite some time now. Especially with creative content there is a chance to stand out. Make animations unique and match your branding to surprise your users. Invest in this to impress your visitors.

  1. Duotone images

Make ordinary photos challenging and a recognisable part of your branding in no time at all using duotone. You can go all out there with weird, eye-catching colors that don’t match. This is a trend you can apply anywhere, so inject some colour into your photography 

  1. Illustration

Illustration offers many advantages over ‘traditional’ photos. Illustrations can support your concept. Especially animated illustrations make a statement! Abstract concepts that you can’t just capture in one photo, suddenly come to life in illustrations. In addition, they require a lot less logistics than setting up a video or photo shoot. 

  1. Doodle

Hand-drawn doodles rose in 2019, bringing originality and authenticity to the online world. According to Wikipedia, doodling is “a kind of sketch, a drawing without a clear purpose”. Technological developments are going very fast. Everyone has the tools to go completely loose, but people need the basics again.

Go back to basics with doodling! This doesn’t necessarily mean that the image has to be hand-drawn, but it does mean that it contains the same authenticity. Think of words or doodles integrated with photography.

  1. Anti-gravity: flying & floating elements

The era of flying elements in design has dawned. Design elements that move and behave as if they didn’t have to conform to gravity give a feeling of freedom.

  1. Vivid colours

Vibrant color combinations pop off your screen. Dreamy color gradients and complex gradients, they already participated in 2018, but in 2019 it becomes even more lively. This is a bold trend, but well executed it gives you a recognizable look and feel.