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Tips on how to get engagement on Facebook

Which marketer does not know the ins and outs of Facebook ads? Paid advertisements are often used to create more leads and engagement. Yet you don’t always have to spend money on marketing. There are enough free options to improve the involvement of your Facebook fans.

Although a customer who clicks on a paid advertisement and then immediately makes a purchase is the ideal scenario, this will ultimately not yield the most. A loyal, active user on your social media increases the chance of purchase conversions and involves other users, increasing your reach. In this article you will find 6 tips that encourage more involvement on Facebook, without costing you money.

  1. Get insights

Facebook Insights is a tool with which you can learn more about your users. You can find out which content is attractive for which segments of your target group. By continuously adjusting your strategies in response to the results Insights offers, you can continuously improve your results and target specific users. This tool also serves as a kind of guide for determining the number and timing of messages.

  1. Communicate socially

Facebook is a social platform, therefore communicate socially and personally. I take Heineken as an example. With their communication, Heineken responds to current events and personality and provides Facebook content with humor. Such a message ensures a lot of involvement among the followers.

  1. Create a community feeling with Facebook groups

Creating a Facebook group is a simple way to stimulate engagement and distinguish yourself from others. You can limit your focus to users in one place instead of posting the same content in all kinds of different places. People who join a Facebook group are usually interested in the focus of the group.

If you want to add people to your group, you can invite people who were already interested in your content in the first place. You already know their interest, but now offer them a beautiful online environment as a core part of your marketing strategy.

People are often looking for something in common, a community. They don’t just want to listen, they want to contribute and be heard. Whatever industry your organization falls into, ask your followers questions to get to know them and involve them in your business. Remember that Facebook is designed to promote content that gets the most involvement. Responses are a big part of that.

  1. Ensure interaction

Another way to increase user engagement is by sharing content that encourages further action. Popular resources are:

  • Polls
  • Quizzes
  • Matches

In addition to creating involvement, these resources also provide a change in your usual feed.

  1. Use video

You must have noticed the enormous growth of online video. Today, users spend less and less time reading than before. They want to watch videos on Facebook about topics that inform them. “There are many statistics that illustrate the importance of video marketing. Pay particular attention to this: 92 percent of mobile video users share videos with others. This allows videos to increase the overall involvement of users. Whether your videos are for informational, entertaining or promotional purposes, the strategic use of video opens doors to more reach among existing and new users.

  1. Ask your audience questions

How do you make people think? How do you get people moving? Ask them questions. And preferably recognizable, so that they feel inspired to respond. People who communicate with each other and have discussions on your page ensure that the involvement increases.

When people converse on your page, make sure you also participate in the conversation and leave short, powerful responses. That way you give others the feeling that you know what you are talking about and are the expert. In the future you will be the point of contact more quickly and participate in every discussion.

Are you going to get started with the above options? Good luck! In the short term you will probably soon notice that you generate more involvement in the form of likes and reactions.