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Tips for Web Designers in 2019

The past few years have been dominated by risk-taking in the political, economic and social spheres. Think of the Brexit, bitcoins and our growing spending due to the recovering economy. Design developments are often the result of social, political and economic trends. As a result, risk-taking is also reflected in this year’s (web) designs.

Designers are saying goodbye to the sober stock photos and minimalist images and are more out of step with asymmetrical elements and bright colours. Think of riskier marketing campaigns, bright colour schemes, moving GIFs and artistic images. We’re also seeing changes in web design, such as ‘skeleton screens’, thumb-friendly navigation and split-screens.

  1. The use of multiple colour schemes

Traditionally, companies use a few colours in all their branding and design expressions, because of their recognizability online or on social media. This tradition is likely to change. Brands are looking for other ways to stand out. A nice solution is the use of multiple colour schemes. Re-branding of companies with an abundance of colours is an important trend that is already in full swing, as can be seen on the Bux website (see image below).

  1. Split-screens – Away with symmetry

2019 will be dedicated to striking designs. To be noticed, designers will deviate from the symmetry on the canvas; away from the standard. Companies have already started experimenting. Because symmetry has been the standard for years, it is the asymmetrical and deviating elements that will attract attention. An example of this is a split screen, in which a standard web page is split into two separate parts. On one half of the page a striking photo or animation and on the other text, as Cuberta already applies (see below).

  1. The gradients are coming back!

The once-hated gradients are coming back. Everyone will remember them well: the WordArt options in Word. Admittedly, they were really awful. But fortunately brands will deal with them better in 2019. For example, by having two matching colours merge into one another with a soothing text or icon in the middle. For example, Skype uses the gradients in their new chat interface.

  1. Banging colors, but duotone

By using bright and bright colours, marketers or designers can distinguish their social media feed. Colours are mixed in the right way to create something creative and eye-catching, without becoming kitsch. A related phenomenon to this development is the rise of duotone-colors. These are two shades in one colour; mainly intended to make an image stand out more. Spotify, for example, already makes full use of duotone elements on their website and on social media.

  1. Bold and handwritten fonts dominate

Do you want to stand out with your design? Then add handwritten or bold fonts to your design. Away from minimalist fonts! Bold and handwritten fonts are the new standard, as Heineken clearly shows on its website.

  1. More attention for social media posts

Last year we got away with an authentic photo at a post on Twitter or Facebook. This year we have to do our best to stand out. Instead of generic stock photos, we now see friendly and radiant faces of blog writers, or an animated image of an interesting story. In 2019, we need to spend a little more time decorating an article before we put it online.

  1. Typography as real life elements

Another artistic design trend is typography in combination with real life elements. The result is letters that are woven into real objects or people.