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How to improve your Instagram stories

The interactive options within Instagram Stories are endless. So you have polls, question / answer, hashtags, sliders … In this article you can read and see the different options of how you can improve the quality of your instagram stories, reach a wider audience and how you use them! 

You can insert photos or videos on Instagram Stories in 2 ways: 

  1. upload something from your phone
  2. take a photo or video directly in the app.

You can then edit each photo or video in a variety of ways.

In addition to adding text about a photo or video, you can also add all kinds of (interactive) stickers under the smiley header at the top of your stories screen.

This is an image or text that comes over your photo or video as a layer. Often this makes your story interactive and / or easier to find. Below I share a number of options:


Tag your location. This is a perfect way to become easier to find. If your location recognition is on on your phone, you will automatically see a number of options in your area. Of course you can also type a location.


Tag another Instagram account. This is useful if you want to mention someone and you want to be easier to find. This way you can also boost your engagement with other accounts.


Instagram runs on hashtags. Do you want to be found better? Then use one or more relevant hashtags. However, it is important to identify which hashtags to use, you have to adapt them based on your target audience, content, brand and do not overdo hashtags. Less is more in this category and quality is much more important than quantity.


Set a poll to get, for example, the opinion of your followers on a certain topic. You choose your question / statement yourself and you can then enter two answers yourself. Afterwards you can see how followers voted and share the results in your stories. Additionally, this way you can learn about your followers preferences, the content they wish you to post and it boosts engagement.


Make a slider to see what your followers think about a certain topic. You determine the emoji that is used in the slider. You can also share the results of the slider in your stories afterwards.


Do you have a question and do you want to give your followers the opportunity to type their answers? Ask them an open question. You can, of course, keep track of the answers and share them in your stories.


If you want to keep your followers informed of an important moment, you can very easily use a counter via Instagram Stories. Perfect for announcing a live stream for example!

Use your stories wisely and take these tips into account to boost your followers engagement and reach new potential followers.