ICO Community and Social Media Management Services in Bangkok, Thailand

Put your social media promotional campaigns in the hands of marketing experts from an agency located in Bangkok, Thailand

Establish a Relationship with the Blockchain Community Through Effective Social Media Campaigns

Establishing a connection with the blockchain community is a vital component for any successful crowdfunding campain. Building your presence on social media platforms, forums, and other outlets allows your business to have a direct influence that consequently leads to a strong foundation of trust with your community. Our marketing experts oversees the establishment of such presence to further guarantee the success of your project through full engagement within the investment community.

Launch a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign and Develop Your Brand Identity

Having an effective stategy is vital to bring about succeess for your ICO’s exposure. Efficient planning will allow execution that can ensure marketing that can flicker attention towards your business in a saturated market. Our method incorporates organic and social media campaigns along with brand promotion into other platforms like Bitcointalk and Steemit.

Create Online Buzz with Unique Campaigns and a Bounty Program

In this day and era, news outlets and press mentions are the most efficient way of attracting attention. Our current economy heavily relies on capturing the full attention of the targeted audience. Due to the competitiveness of the current market, it is a challence to achieve effective marketing. For this reason, UpMedio employs marketing experts that can guarantee the establishment of your endeavor with news outlets that best fit your image and reach the right audience for your product.

Elevate Security with Bangkok, Thailand’s Leading Web Agency

For a company to ensure successful marketing, social reach is a requirement you cannot overlook. Through collaborations with various individuals, you are provided with a large pool of audience that are able to invest time in your ICO and news for its development, progress, and mission. The aim is to have proper exposure within the social media circle. Influencers are a vital part for the success of your marketing campaign.