Social Media Management
SEARA Sports Systems

Sports Engineering And Recreation Asia Ltd., is the regional leader specializing in the design, development, equipment supply and installation of international standard sports, recreation, and fitness facilities in Southeast Asia and beyond.

Project Results

Increased number of leads per month


Bounce Rate



The Challenge

To grow their direct-to-consumer channel via social media (Facebook) as another push, apart from SEO and Google Ads, which was a small fraction of their business compared to the traditional retail merchandising they built the brand on. Their goal is to increase overall product awareness of the brand name and, in turn, gain improving rates of reach, traffics, engagements and inquiries on the channel.

Goals and Hurdles

  • Increase the number of reach, traffic, inquiries and other online activities on Social media (Facebook)
  • Generate more sales via Facebook by strategizing marketing and advertising activities to fit the brand’s needs.
  • The limited monthly budget per FB page (Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar)
  • Understand how each location’s buyers use the platforms and optimize the strategies to fit their needs and behaviors optimally

& Solution

In running Facebook marketing and advertising activities, we present products on the page with a limited number of posts a month to help boost up interests from the page viewers towards the brand’s product.
For the paid advertising part, we started from running page promotion to gain more Page Likes before getting the most well-performing on-page posts boosted in order to capture more engagements.

An example of content produced in Vietnamese to publish on the SEARA Sports Vietnam page.

An example of content produced in Khmer to publish on the SEARA Sports Cambodia page.

An example of content produced in Thai to publish on the SEARA Sports Thailand page.

An example of content produced in Burmese to publish on the SEARA Sports Myanmar page.

To balance both Brand Awareness and Lead Generation angles of the brand on social media, we study the pages’ collected data and make use of it by remarketing back to quality flows of people who have history engaging with the page content and are likely to make purchase.

& Obstacles

  • Limited budgets
  • Regional buyers’ behaviors


With such improvement, we’re able to lessen paid activities to push for Brand Awareness and transfer all given budgets to support Lead Generation activities. To elaborate, both paid and organic activities on the Facebook page have come to the stable stage where there’s a dynamic in carrying the number of traffic, engagements, and interests towards the brand without any push from paid campaigns. Thus, we have brought all the efforts to enhance activities to ameliorate the number of inquiries and leads within the same ceiling of budgets.

The numbers of Page Likes and Followers have grown by 7.5% organically without any push from the paid campaign (Page Like campaign).

We have improved the number of leads by 200% (from 30 leads a month to more than 150 leads a month) within the period of 6 months.

We have also contributed to boosting the users’ activity rate on the brand website by 100%, driven from the growing rate of traffic on the Facebook pages. This performance takes place by the increasing numbers of users’ interacting, engaging and reacting to the page content within the same period of running the Lead Generation promotion and continuing the organic posting activities on each regional Facebook page.

The rate of page view has also dramatically increased within 6 months of performing both the organic and paid advertisements.

Thus, not only does this campaign drive more leads to the page on social media, it helps with the stable traffic flow which creates audience loyalty towards the page at the same time.