Top Interior Design Firm in Bangkok and Chiang Rai, Thailand. From Concept to Construction Delcoi offers customers full service interior design work.

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The Challenge

Delcoi launched in 2017, and provided renovation services in the greater Bangkok area. Challenges in working since then the main marketing objective was lead generation. The brand faced a lot of challenges during the pandemic period. Only in the mid-2021 it was possible for the brand to start communicating with people interested in renovating the interior again. 

Hurdles and Obstacles

  • Increase number of inquiries 
  • Limited monthly budget 
  • Understand customers behavior and steps to optimize strategy accordingly
  • Complicated search pattern

Strategy & Solution

The main strategy was to gain traffic from google ads on keywords that are vital for interior companies in Thai Language mainly aiming to Bangkok’s audience only.

The funnel building process was the most difficult part of the job. It occurs that people search for interior design projects differently based on their knowledge and ability to identify the problem or needs they have to face. Mostly they search for firms+services but those clicks occur to have the lowest intent even though they have the most impressions. After we optimized to the bottom of the funnel with middle and long-tailed keywords which are more specific but highly difficult to identify. Bangkok’s audience also consists of expats and Thais who have radically different behavior patterns.

Besides the keywords structure and funnel we also have to identify the objective and build the funnel accordingly. What we found in 2017 but doesn’t tend to work for now is that with the cold audiences it’s better to use “No goal” objective which helps us optimize ad creatives depending on audience behavior pattern. Then we tend to go with a traffic objective for audiences with middle and long tail keywords because they already have higher intent and we want to continue educating them with our content. On top of that we have a remarketing list with conversion objectives of an already warm audience who now are easily convertible.

With the use of funnel we were able to not only increase traffic but also increase the number of warm audiences and generate low cost leads.

Expanded and responsive google ads examples:


Increasing overall traffic via paid advertising.

The trend of increasing overall traffic 38% of which is paid traffic. Increase of paid traffic without increasing the budget (Screenshot of Google Analytics)

The trend of increasing search traffic during the time, which is due to SEO optimization and right rankings to the keywords with most search results.

The trend of increase Conversions and Click without increasing the budget (Google ads Screenshot)

Increase in Level of Conversion (Screenshot from Google Analytics)
From the time of February 1, 2019 till the end of April, 2019 we got higher level of conversions which include “contact us page” goal both on English and Thai pages (56% of which was Thai)