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Cryptopia World is an independent city-state society based on the blockchain, where citizens can buy, sell, vote, and perform other essential transactions. Our main goal for the campaign was to sell NFT’s of cryptopia cards.

Project Results



Discord membership


Paid traffic

The Challenge

Main challenge was to increase members of discord channel, which means that we should have aimed at people who are interested in NFT’s and also use discord channel or have downloaded it before.
Besides, the NFT market is blocked in many advertising platforms so the huge deal was to advertise the content even with restrictions and not increase cost per conversion.

Hurdles and Obstacles

  • Increase number of members on Discord 
  • Crypto Ad Ban in many platforms
  • Understand the audience digital behavior
  • Reaching the audience which is already discord user

Strategy & Solution

Cryptopia is a bitcoin game which also sells NFT’s. The strategy changed from time after gaining some insights on the project. First our main goal was to generate good quality leads which will convert on the webpage. After understanding the process it appeared that even though we had a good conversion rate not many people joined the discord channel. So we shortened the way and transferred customers directly to discord channels via defined invite links, by which we could easily understand which campaigns and channels increased membership numbers.

One main obstacle was advertising bans on crypto related content, which became manageable after changing slogan from “Buy NFT” to “Join Discord Channel for Unique Art Pieces” therefore we avoided advertising restrictions.

On top of that all known advertising channels were not good options for NFT related content because of cost per conversion, so we did try Bitcoin based platforms like: Exoclick, Bitmedia, Eskimi ads and some more.

In total we were able to generate a huge amount of low cost clicks, which got us a good amount of conversion. With Crypto related websites and advertising platforms it was much easier to accomplish.

Ad examples:


We not only had an increase in membership but also had a lot of engagement with ad content with the help of reach media ads, which drove the highest CTR possible.

Increase in Clicks and Impressions within the same budget ceiling (Screenshot from Google ads)

Increase in memberships from Invite links (Screenshot from Discord Insights)

Increase in Clicks from Adroll (Screenshot from adroll analytics)

Increase in Clicks from Eskimi (Screenshot from Eskimi analytics)

Increase in Clicks from Bitmedia (Screenshot from Bitmedia analytics)