Software Development

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We approach software development, as we do all of our operations, in an initially analytic manner. Our goal is to first pinpoint and thoroughly examine current issues along with the user’s needs in order to, later on, propose solutions to meet them. By the end of this stage, we would have acquired a deep understanding of the issues and the causes behind it and identified stakeholders whose input and decisions would eventually determine the nature of the system. We would also have a notion of the boundaries holding the system and its interface together, along with the constraints imposed on it.


Different projects demand different requirements and approaches. Whether the solution you’re looking for is a business module or a software design solution, the UpMedio team prepares and plans accordingly in order to meet your needs, through carefully abiding by the requirements specification and covering all the major points up until the programming phase.


Once the project and its issues are analysed, the solutions crafted and set, our developers begin the process of coding and implementation. At this point, developers work to turn concepts and fitting solutions into a code, and then implementing the changes into your project. This marks a milestone of the development project, as by now, it is our developers’ responsibility to undertake the entire process until the previously presented solutions are in place.


Once the coding and implementation phase is over, our developers begin testing the new codes and changes, scouring each and every page for bugs, issues or little details that might pass inspection at first glance. More importantly, our developers put emphasis on the various testing methods to ensure that the newly implemented solutions are, in fact, effective. Once testing is successfully completed, the new version of your software is deployed, and the changes are made public.