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Social Media Marketing 101 – how to grow your audience?

“If you are not online, you are nowhere” – Bill Gates’ popular quote about how the Internet is the most effective and important tool for business success. With this in mind, social media marketing was created, which is currently the most popular type of marketing on the fastest growing advertising channels. 

Social media marketing offers many opportunities for business, one of the most valuable of which is the ability to connect with potential customers, establish and maintain new customers, and even improve your business’ position on search engines. Social media marketing covers all social networks, but in this article we will introduce the main and most popular Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest as well as ways to expand your social media audience.

Facebook is considered the standard for online marketing. Any company – big, small, modern or not- usually has its own Facebook page. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to grow your business properly on Facebook. I listed some tips on how to grow your social media follower base as well as their engagement:


  • Create a proper cover photo for your page on Facebook


Don’t infringe on copyright by using someone else’s logos or other symbols. When creating a cover photo, check out the Facebook rules governing it. The main ones are:

  • Provide a photo that presents your activity
  • Do not publish prices and related information
  • Do not publish contact details
  • Don’t require users to take action to promote your activity (“likes”, shares, etc.).


  • Post contests on Facebook


Call for contests is considered an effective way of attracting consumers. However, their publication is also subject to certain conditions. As an example:

  • The contest must be legal.
  • The contest must be limited to certain social media networks.
  • The winner of the contest should not be announced on facebook.


  • Act purposefully and honestly.


Don’t experiment with users by posting any information just to analyze what your audience likes. Deliver news and other informative content in a targeted and moderate manner so as not to annoy your followers with persistent and irrelevant information. Only relevant and useful information earns the consumer’s sympathy, trust and engagement.


  • Focus on quality instead of quantity.


Indicators such as likes, shares, etc. are a positive sign, but we suggest focusing on quality rather than statistical quantity. You want to function successfully, track your followers, their actions, and give them what they want. Doing so will encourage engagement and build a loyal customer base.


Another noteworthy social network is Google+. It features company pages and news that are structured for a professional display. The key benefits of this social network are search engine ranking and SEO value (related to the ability to access Google Authorship, a tool that helps search engines identify your content, build a portfolio for each developer). Make use of this tool because when well-optimized, it can tremendously increase traffic on your website. 


This social network is considered as a network of business contacts that everyone can use according to their needs. It enables you to collaborate, look for jobs, suggest / recommend yourself or others, establish business relationships that can eventually become very strong and valuable. One of the fundamental rules of this network is not to abuse the opportunities it provides, but to offer honest advice, maintain communication and presentation. Use LinkedIn not only to connect to other businesses but also to do research and engage with professionals in all fields and positions. Be social, like and share relevant content and get noticed by other businesses, partners, investors or even future customers.


It is a social network that sustains a large flow of information and operates on the “follow” principle. It is very important to select followers (know what group of people are around you), think about what you are posting and how often you do it. These criteria can ensure success in real-time marketing. Use a systematic approach while using Twitter, post regularly, engage with your followers by answering their comments, sharing news and using tags.


The last social network we want to mention is Pinterest. It can be considered as a portfolio/ collection space. For example, you can collect and publish various photos, articles, images and everything else that reveals your hobbies, jobs, perceptions. This social network makes it easy to bring together groups of people with common interests and expand your potential customer base. 

Every social network connects people and contributes to long-term goals such as:

  • Promoting your name or product (product or service) for free
  • Finding new customers and increasing user traffic
  • Introducing yourself/your business to an audience
  • Building strong and lasting relationships with potential customers
  • Finding good partners, posting news and links to specific websites
  • Creating the brand’s identity and image, building a positive reputation, and so on.

These are the main benefits of social media networking. To make the most out of these platforms, you must be careful in positioning your brand, maintaining activity and increasing content creation.