Technology Web & Mobile

Technologies we specialize in

We develop for the web and mobiles using the latest and greatest technologies that are out there.

● PHP: Laravel and Symfony, Zend. ● Javascript: AngularJS, NodeJS, Jquery, Ajax ● CSS: Bootstrap, SCSS, LESS ● Android: Java, Android SDK, Volley ● iOS: IOS SDK, Objective-C, Swift ● Customized hacked CMS: WordPress, Magento

Web Technology


Web Technology

We offer web development services for both corporations and start-ups looking to create unique and customized web applications. From education systems, to eCommerce systems, we can participate at the build phase or even at the conceptualization phase. With our structured processes and skilled specialists, we deliver solutions on time and on budget. As part of our full-cycle custom application development, we also provide maintenance services after a web app is launched.

The technology that we use vary project to project, but a few of our favourites include Laravel, HTML, CSS, JS and SQL.

As part of the ITS Holding group, we are also highly experienced and skilled in developing unique solutions for a number of disparate industries such as: Healthcare, Financial and Manufacturing.

Mobile Apps

Mobile App Development

Apps for mobile and tablet devices have introduced new ways to communicate with users. Whether targeting the general public or used internally in an organisation, apps have shown to improve and even transform communication and engagement.

We create native apps using technologies such as Java, Android SDK, SWIFT and iOS SDK.

Our development team creates both native apps that can access and utilise all mobile operating system features and hybrid apps that allow for wider range of platform compatibility. Whether you are a long time established business or a start-up, we would be able to offer you our assistance in any step of the development life cycle: from the initialization and business analysis to modelling the development of a final solution.

Process and Communication

Process and Communication

We use Scrum Agile Development. We use Jira as our core software development platform

Consultation: Lean Discovery – Identified the MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

The initial phase of any software project should start at defining the scope and features. With this we can define the work required to construct the solution and how the users would use and navigate in the solution. We are also able to offer research services into competing solutions and capturing what has worked and what has not. This normally allows to identify gaps that can be filled.

One of the result of this phase, is an identification of all the features and how users interact with these features.

Wireframe – Conceptual Design – Polished Design

Once the features and user screens are defined, we would commence to design them. The key objective here would be to create a user interface that is intuitive and user-friendly. Great user experience and interface is more than just looking nice, it is also about making the user part of the experience. With this in mind, the solution would have a better chance of competing in the market. Design should never be undervalued.

Programming and Development

We employ agile development with 2-weeks sprints development cycles. This allows us to ensure successful on-time and on-budget delivery of your solution. Following the Agile methodology, we hold regular meetings with our clients where we identify the most significant pieces of work, order priorities, present progress, and ensure we are aligned with our client by continuing to validate past assumptions and that all other aspects are well captured and understood.

Quality Assurance

We put quality standards at its highest priority. We ensure that for every 10 hours of programming, 2 additional hours are set forward for testing. This is how we ensure our work conforms to standards and operates as designed.
In our testing we observe rigorous testing and validation procedures with all elements developed. Issues discovered are registered and given a priority and a timeframe for remedy.

The Final Launch

The most stimulating and satisfying part is to see a solution we have crafted launch. We definitely want to ensure the final release goes off smoothly. From the early beginning to the final launch, we remain in continuous contact with our clients for the entire process.