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LinkedIn Marketing: how 15 minutes everyday will increase your company’s growth

Although LinkedIn is the best social network for B2B companies to network and is very effective in generating leads, chances are you don’t always have the same amount of time to invest in LinkedIn marketing. Whether you have a large network on LinkedIn or are a beginner, sometimes there are phases where you just don’t have the time, energy or need to be active on LinkedIn. For these moments I have 5 tips to make sure that with only 15 minutes a day you don’t get lost in the digital darkness.

With these tips, you will be quickly and easily present on LinkedIn to maintain and even further develop your relationships. Spending 15 minutes on LinkedIn every day ensures structural visibility on LinkedIn.

Tip 1: Respond to messages in your inbox

View and Respond to all new messages you’ve received in your inbox. This is how you build relationships and get to know your network. A very important part of Social Selling is entering into a conversation with your target group. When they send you a personal message, this is a very good first step. React!

Be interested. Ask questions and add value for them in the reactions you give.

Always remember that LinkedIn is a professional and business ‘social’ medium (and not Facebook) so make sure your messages just look neat and businesslike.

Tip 2: Accept connection requests and send a welcome message

View, review and accept new connection requests. Of course, only those requests that ‘fit’ within your network. Do they belong to your target group? Choose quality over quantity!

After you have accepted a request, send a short welcome message to thank them for the connection request and start a conversation with them.

Take the time to make your message personal. Especially if the person from whom you received the invitation did the same in their connection request.

Tip 3: Respond to ‘engagement’

View your notifications and activity pages and respond to all the people who have responded to your content, who has started following you, and who finds your updates ‘interesting’.

Then respond to any responses or engagements received to your status updates, content posts, or comments on LinkedIn. After all, it is essential within Social Selling to be ‘social’! Thank them for their reactions and give a substantive reaction yourself.

Send a connection request to the people with whom you do not yet have a connection (and with whom you would like to have one) if they have responded positively with a ‘like’ or ‘comment’ on your content.

Tip 4: Engage with your network

Respond to posted content or status updates of your connections. After all, networking requires a two-way conversation! Let them know what you think of their content and surprise them with a new insight.

Scroll through your newsfeed daily to find posts you want to like, comment on, or share.

Tip 5: Post a status update

Update your status once or twice a week to keep you ‘top of mind’ with your target group and build up your authority and credibility in your field of expertise. Show your network that you are working on your expertise on a daily basis and that you take it seriously! Especially in busy times where posting, or actually creating, good content is easy to lose, posting a short status update is certainly effective. Be aware, however, that you always add value to the post and do not ‘just’ promote yourself.

If you have a blog, share the link with relevant comments as a status update every time you publish something.

Share content or status updates from others you encounter in your timeline. Make sure that these are topics that interest your target group and contribute to building your authority. Chances are that the owner of the content can certainly appreciate your ‘part action’ and that’s good for your relationship!

Achieve your successes on the basis of a good plan!

Do you want to get real success out of LinkedIn? Then a good foundation or a well-thought-out plan is essential. An intention without a plan remains a wish!

With a foundation, I mean a well thought out strategy that starts with getting to know your target group. Really understand where their pain lies, fully attune your personal LinkedIn profile to the customer, create and execute a content plan to reflect your expert status, connect with your target group and ‘last but certainly not least’, engage in conversation with them. In short: take the trouble to show interest in your target group in a personal way.