Pay-Per-Click Management Agency

The strategy you will need to propel your growth and gain access to quality leads


PPC stands for pay-per-click, a model in which marketers are given the advantage of having to pay only when there’s a click on the ad. This method is usually most favorable for it allows businesses to reach a larger scale of audience by acquiring the opportunity to reach the top page of different search engines. Our global team of experts at UpMedio will ensure that all your marketing objectives are met with killer tactics thats fit your product or service, all while accelerating your success in PPC marketing.


Google Ads (formerly referred to as Google Adwords) runs on a PPC model in which businesses are given the option to bid on certain keywords. Those that were granted an ad placement are chosen by Google based on a system named Ad Rank. The key to “winning” the system is largely associated by assessing two major factors: CPC Bid (As high an amount as an advertiser is willing to spend) and Quality Score (a score based on a number of elements such as your click-through rate, landing page quality, and relevancy). Partner with us and earn valuable insight into how we can incorporate Google Ads into your market strategy to ultimately reach the excellence you aim for.


In order for you to ensure the effective placement of your ads, you must possess enough skills and knowledge to properly utilize keywords that can produce the most clicks and conversions. As keywords are what directs your entire search campaign, it is vital for a company to execute the process of searching for powerful kewords or search phrases that can bring instant traffic to your website. This process however, does take a lot of time to execute. Thus UpMedio brings forth to your disposal a team of PPC experts that will ensure success in your campaign with the use of their vast knowledge and prolonged experience on the field of marketing.


Once your new campaign is up and running, you are bound to uphold diligent monitoring in order to maintain its continous success. Our team of in-house experts are to deliver periodic administration to your campaign, ensuring regular activity and adjustments in order to bring about quality performance that can help you reach a favorable outcome.


Upmedio aims for transparency when working with clients. For this reason, we commit to delivering monthly reports specifying the transformation of the different elements regarding your performance such as click-through rates, quality scores, and account activity. With thorough auditing, we will be able to recognize what is working and what is not. We work to guarantee your overall satisfaction through consistent analysis and solid governance.