Interior Design in Bangkok, Thailand

Your vision, our design


Interior Design remains one of the major pillars of the UpMedio operations. Over the years, we have assembled a team of promising talent and undeniable experience as home designers and decorators. Ten years of expertise in the design and decor field have made our team of architects and home designers, our firm, the Plymouth Rock of Interior Design in Bangkok, raising standards through ingenious designs, endless creativity, and unparalleled work ethic.

We strongly believe that home Interior Design and home decoration is a critical task that demands the utmost attention to detail, and full awareness of its significance. To that effect, our process addresses all crucial and non-crucial phases that any project might require, beginning with the schematic development of the pre-designs and interior plan layouts, all the way down to construction and furnishing. UpMedio Design provides an all-inclusive service for all projects in Bangkok, one that eradicates the hassle and complication of the simultaneous engagement of different contractors and separate entities.


We approach every project with an initially analytic state of mind, in order to fully understand how well your vision correlates with the given property space, along with all technical details that we would need during the concept formulation process later on. During the production of the schematic design, our team commits to producing a brief formulation meant to set the initial grounds upon which our firm would build your ideal home interior design. Upon completion, we move towards the swift and uninterrupted formulation of the general concept, furniture layouts and budget calculations.


We dive into our company’s best designs for inspiration, and utilize the knowledge therein in the development of various concepts fitting your project. Throughout this phase, we dedicate our efforts to producing the finest, most elegant design concepts, Material boards, and 3D rendered models and approximations, thus granting you a deeper pool of choices and a more confident approach.


Our architects and interior designers in Bangkok commit to a code of elevated standards in order to grant you not only the best results, but all the needed documentation as well. Our clients are presented at this phase with meticulous construction drawings, accurate revised specifications and a well-formulated bill of quantity (BOQ), along with an accurately formulated report from our home interior and room designers.


We’ve always opted to undertake and oversee the construction phase, as we have found that construction teams or contractors that do not possess deep insight of the project, might not deliver the vision that home decor and Interior Design experts along with clients had in mind. In order to resolve the issue, we take charge of this phase by involving the construction team throughout the conceptualization of the project, granting them more knowledge and understanding of what the project aims to become.


Our standards have always been the differentiator that sets us apart from the competition, which seems to grow and yet reach a standstill. Very few firms out there offer boundless Interior Design and Home decorative services in Bangkok, and fewer still reach our expectations and standards. This is due to the fact that our firm was established in such a manner that the core team members were handpicked for their individual skills and collective insight, finally producing the finest interior designers and modern home decorators that Bangkok has witnessed so far.


Your Vision, Our Design’. Though there are a lot of spins woven over the ‘The customer is always right’ mantra, we have found that the most productive process borders along those lines. Who could have a better idea of a home’s decorative concept or an entire house’s design, both interior or otherwise, than the future owner and commissioner themselves? We have long since established that our operations run upon the basis of our client’s vision, that their own ideas, concepts and expectations make them an invaluable advisory asset throughout the entire project. UpMedio Design is the one interior design firm in Bangkok with an unprecedented philosophy.


Our designs represent more than what their nature would commonly imply. They represent the visual reflection of your own soul and clarity, and our own effort to bring it to life all at once. As far as Interior Design or home decor in Bangkok are concerned, nothing short of perfection is accepted, and nothing short of perfection will be produced. Our team strives to uphold the nigh-impossible standards that we’ve set, and today we stand at the forefront of the industry, hoping to eradicate low quality room interior designs and unreliable, troublesome trade practices.

Our aspiration is to produce designs to your heart’s desire, to produce the form and style that best reflect the visual goals that you have had in mind. Beauty, art, and design become one.


The sky is the limit, or so they say. To date, we long for the challenge and the chance to create something unfamiliar even to us. Interior design, especially home design and interior decor, do allow a vast potential for creativity and our impeccable team has been our effort and means in establishing interior design in Bangkok, with the highest expectations for creative perfection, for as long as the concept has existed. We strive to create an immaculate wholesome Interior Design service, eradicate time and cost consuming industry practices, and provide home, commercial and hospitality designs that capture Any and all clients’ desires and expectations.