Google AdWords Management Agency

Start getting qualified leads instantly and boost your conversion rate- for $250 a month


Throughout the initial planning and set-up stage, UpMedio begins to administer all aspects of your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Using a series of tried-and-tested methodologies, our certified Ad professionals will work with you to understand your business needs further. Taking these parameters into account, they will then establish the best structure for your campaign which will target the appropriate audience.


Our consultants play an important role that begins with discussing your goals and strategy for paid search at length. This is a critical step for success down the line. We aim to deliver exceptional results with an approach that includes building broad keyword campaigns, which can be further adjusted for precision, based on the program’s performance.


During the consultation process, our experienced management team performs a competitive analysis of your operation’s market. Our SEO experts extensively examine phrases targeted by competitors and field leaders in order to see which keywords generate the most impressions. We repurpose these keywords and adapt them to your business to ensure that impressions convert to paying customers. Our goal is to boost leads and distinguish your business from your competitors.


Poorly managed campaigns can be a black hole for your advertising budget. Even the most well-planned campaigns require regular supervision and optimization to be successful. Despite the many automated optimization features offered by Google, human oversight is essential for better PPC cost management.


Comprehensive optimization includes both taking a broad view of the campaign’s overall performance, as well as a thorough individual keyword analysis. Optimization changes can range from enabling or disabling keywords, to adjusting bids and campaign settings. We also conduct larger-scale changes such as landing page optimization and new ad campaign creation. These advertisements range from textual ads which appear alongside search results, to banner ads featured in display networks.


A Google Ads account that has matured is one that achieves a high-scale impression rate. This can take time, maybe a few months, oftentimes years. This is, in fact, not uncommon as actionable insights are revealed gradually after continuous optimization. Over time, we can reduce your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) by refining the keyword targeting and monitoring your page’s performance. While optimization is most intensive at the start of a new campaign, it is a never-ending process. Our team of experts continously works to ensure that your campaign is running as efficiently as possible. Your goals, set with our support, will act as the focal point of any and all collective measures taken.


As our team maintains a firm grip on the management of all the technical aspects of your Ads, you are kept continuously well-informed on how campaigns are progressing. We believe in keeping our clients updated with ongoing maintenance, as this improves communication between both parties. In order to perfect this service, we have developed a habit of ensuring over several steps that our regular reports include an overview of the campaign, performance analysis, and constructive suggestions.


UpMedio offers an unparalleled consultancy service that caters specifically to existing, struggling Google Ad accounts. Our consultants carry out an in-depth audit of your campaigns and closely examine your website as well if need be, to evaluate and root out any possible causes of budget waste, or factors negatively affecting your conversion rates.


Once existing issues are identified, we provide a list of in-depth recommendations. If you decide, we also offer to manage your Ads account on your behalf. By taking over your PPC management, we can ensure changes are correctly executed and monitor their impact in real time, ensuring your imminent future success. At UpMedio, we maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS) by tracking and improving conversions, with the ultimate goal of exponentially boosting your online visibility.