Advanced Google AdWords Campaigns

Start getting qualified leads instantly and boost your conversion rate- for $250 a month.

Campaign Setup

UpMedio will help to administer all aspects of your pay-per-click (PPC) campaign, right from the initial planning and set-up stage. Using a series of tried-and-tested methodologies, our AdWords-certified professionals work with you to understand your business and target audience, before establishing the best structure for your campaign.

The stage is critical to success down the line. Always aiming to deliver exceptional results, our preferred approach includes building large and complex campaigns that afford us the option of adjusting keyword precision later, based on actual campaign performance.

Campaign Optimization

Unmanaged or- as so often is the case- poorly managed campaigns can be a black hole for your advertising budget. Even the most well planned campaigns require regular supervision and optimization to be successful. Despite the many automated optimization tools offered by Google, skilled human oversight is essential.

Comprehensive optimization includes both taking a broad view of campaign performance, as well as drilling down to the individual keyword level. Optimization changes can range from enabling or disabling keywords, to adjusting bids and campaigns settings. Optimization can sometimes include larger-scale changes, such as landing page optimization or the creation of new ads.

For campaigns to reach a “mature” state, it usually takes months (sometimes years) of continuous optimization, as actionable insights are gradually revealed over time. While campaign optimization is most intensive at the start of a new campaign, but it is a never-ending process. That’s why our team is constantly working to ensure our clients’ campaigns are running as efficiently as possible, using your campaign goals as the focus for everything that we do.

Advanced Reporting

While our team manages all the technical aspects of your AdWords, you are kept well informed of how campaigns are progressing. Our regular reports include a campaign overview, performance analysis, and suggestions going forward.

Conversion Consultancy

UpMedio offer an expert consultancy service for those struggling with an existing Google AdWords account. By carrying out an in-depth audit of your campaigns, and, if necessary, your website, our consultants look for causes of budget wastage and factors negatively affecting conversion rates.

Once existing issues have been identified, we can either provide a list of in-depth recommendations, or take over management of your AdWords. By taking over management, our experienced team can ensure changes are correctly executed and monitor the impact of changes, ensuring your future success.