ICO Legal Services in Bangkok, Thailand

None Else Are More Reliable in Ensuring that Your ICO Abides by All Laws and Regulations.

We Offer Legal Consultancy For The Successful Establishment Of Your ICO

With our vast network of legal attorneys, UpMedio offers counsel for various legalities in regards to the launch and establishment of ICOs. ICOs are bound by major requirements in relation to Anti-money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations and therefore needs constant governance and scrunity to ensure security for both consumers and businesses. UpMedio’s team of professionals are equipped with a wide-ranging knowledge of international money regulations and is able to assess the possible risks with professionalism and rigorous care.

Take Advantage of Our Legal Advisory Services With Blockchain Experts and Legal Specialists in Bangkok, Thailand

It is vital to establish security in relation to your ICO’s adherance towards laws and regulations in hopes to provide protection for yourself, your investors, your ICO, and every transaction you make now and in the future. For this reason, UpMedio provides clients with counseling and advisory services from a wide network of legal specialists. We ensure immediate responses that go with the current tide of events, as well as fill legal documentation support, in accordance to your ICO’s needs. We also offer support in other legal matters, ranching from the process of establishing your organization as a legal entity, getting in contact with Escrow companies, and following criterias for exchange compliance to prerequisites.

Allow Our Team Of Legal Experts To Provide You With Legal Opinion Letters Specific To Your Needs

A Legal Opinion Letter is a professional letter produced by an attorney verifying the legal status of an entity. Throughout the development of your ICO, you will find yourself in need of one. Our team of legal experts equipped with experience in working with up and rising ICOs are fully capable of crafting legal opinion letters specific to purpose you wish to use it for.

Launch Your ICO Legally and with No Hassle!

It is essential to analyse all legal aspects that partakes in the establishment, progress, and launch of your ICO. The innovative UpMedio team oversees all segments of the legality process and provides consultancy on the current and most recent changes as time progresses.