ICO Community and Social Media Management Services

Put your social media promotional campaigns in the hands of marketing experts from an agency located in the heart of Bangkok


Establishing a connection with the blockchain community is a vital component for any successful crowdfunding campain. Building your presence on social media platforms, forums, and other outlets allows your business to have a direct influence that consequently leads to a strong foundation of trust with your community. Our marketing experts oversees the establishment of such presence to further guarantee the success of your project through full engagement within the investment community.


Having an effective stategy is vital to bring about succeess for your ICO’s exposure. Efficient planning will allow execution that can ensure marketing that can flicker attention towards your business in a saturated market. Our method incorporates organic and social media campaigns along with brand promotion into other platforms like Bitcointalk and Steemit.


A Bounty Program allows your ICO to gain recognition within the Blockchain community. In summary, it is a program involving the grant of incentives in return for contributing to the boost of public attention or the establishment of a crypto project. Our team of marketing experts administers the creation and management of your campaign on your behalf to reward and recognize your community’s work and input.


The cyber-space is a world of uncertainty and unknown factors, some of which are forces vying for access to sensitive data or control of various websites that might yield financial profit or informative sensitive content. In order to remain secure as you establish your presence online, our team can guide and orient you in identifying unsafe areas and irregular occurrences, so that your website remains fully under your control, threats are reduced, and no room for error or imperfect security is left.