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How can SEO articles increase your website traffic?

The importance of SEO for online business is undeniable. Companies are increasingly hiring professionals in this field to compete in their industry and properly optimize their websites.

Content creation is probably the most important element of SEO. Properly used phrases and keywords draw the attention of not only the search engines’ ranking algorithms, but also that of potential customers.

In this blog post we will discuss one of the easiest ways to create engaging search engine-friendly content – SEO articles and what to do to make your text more interesting and valuable.

The very first step in creating this type of content is to properly study your market. Start with Google search results. Let’s say you’re trading desk lamps. When you make such a query and scroll down, you’ll see a section for related searches. These are additional clues that will indicate the trends, how to write, and what other people are looking for regarding this topic. It seems simple, but such a methodology is extremely important for writing. By selecting the right keywords, the text you create will be relevant to both search engines and visitors of your site. Of course, you shouldn’t overdo it or you’ll end up overwhelming your text. Blind keyword sticking is one of the worst SEO practices for which websites are penalized.
For example:

  • Repeating a phrase too often simply because it is a keyword.
  • Placing all relevant keywords in the text.

This will tell the search engine that you have unrelated keywords in your text that you haven’t added any content to, and simply placed them one after the other for no other purpose than to rank.

After all, you want your visitors to read your post and to visit your website. You should invest in quality, clear and simple text that would be understandable and informative. An average SEO article length is 300-400 words which is more than enough to attract new visitors and increase traffic to your site.

Another factor that is very important for SEO articles is uniqueness. Your text must be original and personally written, even if the information you are referring to is not yours.

Be creative and use information that will benefit your visitors. Instead of copying, spend more time studying your market and what people are looking for. If you produce truly valuable text, your website will compete for top positions.

If people share your posts on social networks with a link to your site, it would benefit your SEO goals. One of the main aspects of search engines is that they detect when people really appreciate and share your content organically and will automatically rank your website higher.

Of course, not every topic will be easy to write about or seem interesting and easy to read for a visitor. Articles on construction or other niche topics are likely to be of interest only to professionals in the field. It is advisable to study the topic thoroughly so that your interest in your content shows, even as an expert.

Finally, two other key elements of SEO articles are ‘call-to-action’ and its obvious purpose, however, both are worth mentioning.

You must encourage the visitors who found your article to act. No matter what market the article targets.

What would help to form a clear call to action? The purpose of the article. Whatever it is, it must be clear: Call to action should be an incentive to visit the site, engage the visitor with the product / service, share the article and so on.

You should have an established purpose before starting to write the article altogether. SEO articles, and content in general, can greatly help your site.

Keep these three basic things in mind and once you’ve mastered them, you’ll be creating high quality, interesting, reader-friendly and engaging content.