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how to learn webdesign online?

Inexistent 20 years ago, the job of webdesigner is provoking today many vocations in our connected world. If you make your first steps on the web or you want to improve yourself in webdesign thanks to the Internet, this article is for you. Since the opening of the blog, you have been many to write […]

10 French sites that have already adopted the responsive design

  Now that the HTML 5 specifications are finalized, developers no longer have a pretext to use HTML 5 and CSS 3 in their sites and applications. I chose to present in this article some French sites that use responsive design at best – to appreciate by gradually reducing the window of your browser. At […]

3 solutions for associating a domain name with a WordPress site

3 solutions for associating a domain name with a WordPress site Thursday 24 August 2017 • @MagDuWebdesign Let us guide you step by step to associate your domain name with your WordPress site. In this handy guide, you will learn how to edit your DNS servers or DNS zone according to your needs. Capture – […]

What is Responsive Web Design?

Draft definition Responsive Web design is a web design approach that aims at developing websites that offer an optimal reading and navigation experience for the user, regardless of its range of devices (mobile phones, tablets, readers, desktop computer). A successful “Responsive” user experience involves minimal resizing (zooming), cropping, and multidirectional page scrolling. The term “Responsive […]

The website that fits

You have a very nice website that appears great on your PC or MAC. You talk about it and it’s very good. Your customers and friends consult with their smartphones and tablets and there … it’s the drama! Your site is not optimized for display on these media; worse still, your visitors, who have to […]