Blockchain Consultancy Services

Take advice from our ICO experts and gain the most valuable leads and investors



UpMedio puts at your disposal a team of professionals equipped with extensive knowledge in blockchain technology and ICO management. We produce solutions that will help move businesses froward and bring ICOs ahead of the competitive market. As a company existing to make an impact to society, it is in our aim to collaborate with leading companies and provide guidance in determining their objectives and having their story told to the world with the intent to attract the most valuable leads and investors.




Our team believes in upholding a diverse set of investors, exchanges, and advisors. From finding the most fitting way to handle your token sales, to the development of effectively structured presentations aimed at targeted investors, UpMedio is a client-friendly firm with the goal of bringing your business ultimate success.



UpMedio’s team comprising of experienced designers and tech experts offers grade-A consultancy for the design of your token economic model, whitepaper development, and smart contracts. We provide support in the field of developing and technical assistance with the aim to put your company on the right track for a successful ICO.



With extended knowledge in blockchain, our team of professionals are highly qualified to provide guidance in constructing the most appropriate strategy for your fundraise and business models. We take pride in our vast network of blockchain developers who work to establish a platform that can bring authority to your ICO.



Our diverse team of marketing and blockchain experts offer the latest tools and techniques for the promotion of your ICO. We will guide you through the process of creating your documents and establishing a marketing strategy that is best fitting for your organizational objectives.