Why the design of your Website is so important ?

Your site is a reflection of your business The website is the focus of your online communication strategy. Associated with your logo, it is your showcase on the web, representing the visual digital identity of your structure. To put it simply, let’s say that your website carries your brand image and your fame. Many leaders are still neglecting the graphic dimension of their site, wrongly. Here is the reason for this example: You go for the first time on the website of a large banking group and you then come to an old and dull site where no graphical effort has been made. Before you go through the various sections to find the information you are looking for, you will probably ask yourself: “Am I on the right site?”. Indeed, one does not expect a shabby site from a large bank! This is why it is important to look after the graphic aspect of your site so as not to taint the image and therefore the reputation of your company.

Bringing visitors is good … Making them stay is better. How many times have you left a site by only browsing the home page? This is called in the jargon of web-marketing the “rebound”. You can also measure the rebound rate of your site on Google Analytics. How to explain this phenomenon ? There is no chance to leave a site without consulting other sections: you come across a site that does not correspond to your search the structure of the site is impractical to navigation the design of the site is outdated, poorly adapted or non-existent Apart from the first point related to SEO, the other two deal with the notion of graphics and ergonomics. Ergonomics is the design of a practical, accessible and intuitive software or website interface. If you want visitors to stay more than 10 seconds on your website, do not overlook these two aspects. Having a beautiful website, where browsing is facilitated will allow you to convert your visitors into prospects.

Stand out from competition

We often hear from former sales and marketing departments: "Our site is functional, it's the main one! The design, we'll see later ". And we know that the "later" means "until the next redesign of the site", that is to say in 2 or 3 years.

This "traditional" vision, where the functional aspect overlooked the design was valid ten years ago. "Being functional" is today an intrinsic criterion for any tool, from the website to the mobile application. Design is no longer a "plus" but a real necessity for you to distinguish yourself from competing sites.

A small example to illustrate this by comparing 2 e-commerce sites A and B that offer spare parts for your smartphone:

Assuming that these two sites offer identical products, your selection criteria will no longer be based on the characteristics but on the price, delivery times and conditions or the confidence that these sites inspire. Another point that could influence your choice is the way in which the products of the site A and the site B are presented. If the site A has a poor design and not suitable for the display on your mobile, the site B with the neat design and designed in "Responsive Design" could well make the difference.