What is better to learn to develop – Android or iPhone

The statistics show that there are 2 in the application stores

On the other hand, when you go to the field and check out colleges in Israel where developers are trained every month
New ones, find a surprising figure. The demand for Android development courses is far greater than the demand for learning
IPhone application development. Android studies can also be found in universities and private courses
Comprehensive, but the iPhone development courses have significantly less. So what’s going on here? Is starting
Is there a gap between the number of programmers and the actual demand in the technological market? It may very well be.

There are a number of reasons that explain this gap for Android: the language of development used
For Android application development is Java

In addition, the prerequisites for beginning iPhone development are more expensive than Android. Apple has limited the
The development environment for Mac computers only, which is usually 2 times higher than other system-based computers
Launch windows that are suitable for Android development. A key account at Apple is also required at annual cost
Of $ 99 versus $ 25 one time Android.

It is important to know more facts when choosing a development language for learning: A few months ago it was reported that Google
Is considering adopting the new development language of Apple Swift for development for Android devices. They were also carried out
Recently a number of interesting comparisons prove that when counting the amount of lines of code to be written
Android application development is about 30% more average than when writing the same application
IPhone. The many types of Android-powered devices require much longer and tedious adjustment work
As opposed to the adjustments needed for iPhones.
Therefore, it can be concluded that the key development work for the iPhone can be much simpler than development
For Android, an advantage that enables faster learning and easier entry for novice developers. So you should consider the
The advantages of learning iPhone application development, which today are less known to most developers. Seeing
In the coming years, the Israeli high-tech market will require the same number of mobile developers for Android
And iPhone.