Web documentaries: 10 examples of quality to discover by

The BlogDuWebdesign is back on the domain of documentary webs with a selection of new examples of quality that will amaze you by their realization and their content.

Just two years ago, we had made a first article on the subject of web documentaries with a selection of 15 examples that deserve the detour.

Article: Webdesign and culture: the best webdocumentary

Since then, the phenomenon of web documentaries has not been extinct, it continues to evolve and offer rich and interesting content. The presentation techniques vary with real masterpieces in the realization and interactions but also more sober sites that make it possible to browse the information easily and quickly.

There are specialized sites around web documentaries like webdocu.fr which presents a multitude of projects. One can also find a large number of organizations that make their own documentary such as "TELL ME FORESTS! "Produced by WWF.

A selection for this start of the year

Discover our selection of 10 web documentaries of quality which are there to tell, to raise awareness or to simply discover a specific subject. Good discovery !

Happy World: Burma, the dictatorship of the absurd
NFB / Interactive - Bear 71
National Parks Project
Healing Histories
30 electors
My northern states
The Challenge of Builders
Brossard Chinatown
Cité orientée, trades that resemble us