Web & amp; amp; Mobile

The world of Internet and mobile has become an integral part of everyday life for all of us, even if we are not aware of it
Thus, the amount of information transmitted every second around the world is enormous.
& Quot; Application & quot; Sounds very frequently in different contexts.
Applications can be classified into two types:
Web applications – powered by a browser accessed by the server IP address
And applications installed on the device itself, which run independently of the browser.
Each application depends on several factors:
1. Hardware – the particular device on which it is running, for example:
1.1 Desktop computer
1.2 tablet
* Or any other device (at the principle level you can also develop an application for a washing machine, of course
2. Operating system – (of smartphones) There are a large number of different operating systems and a huge number
Of versions of each operating system, the main day (today targeting March 2013) are:
2.1 Android system
2.2 IOS system
2.3 Windows Phone system
2.4 BlackBerry system
Not every operating system is compatible with each device, but there are operating systems such as Android that are provided
For installation on many different devices, the success of these systems is also evident here. For years
The latter took most of the market share of smartphones all over the world !!!
Android – is the operating system developed by Google.
iOS – This is an operating system for Apple.
Windows Phone – This is an operating system developed by Microsoft. (A relatively new system)
BlackBerry – developed by Canadian company RIM.
WEB Applications
Web applications are HTML-based when the newest version is HTML5. Browser
Installed on the device accesses the remote server used HTTP protocol and downloads the files
Application with the web address, and translate it on your computer. Therefore the programmers who develop the
The WEB application matches the code to relevant client-side technologies that are JS HTML
And CSS.

In addition to the server side, which operates on various infrastructures popular in Microsoft and Linux and accordingly
Their server side programming languages ​​ASP and PHP respectively.
HTML – A markup language that forms the GUI template. The HTML document is
A structure of tags in a hierarchical order that creates a VIEW that is relevant to the application.
CSS – Streaming Language (Cascade) style, which is a more sophisticated development of the STYLE
The HTML actually gives PROPERTIES properties to display the inherited elements
JS – a scripting language running on the client side, JS is basically a collection of commands that create functionality
Required to exist in the browser. JS is often used to write event-driven and object-oriented code
(Event Oriented & Object Oriented) to simplify the development process. This language is perhaps
The most popular when it comes to development alongside the client of web applications and therefore there are environments
Many development and reference libraries are very useful.
The jQuery Mobile framework is a specially designed Javascript library
To the most popular mobile devices. Thus saving a lot of time and development of the standard options
(Currently enabled in a browser). Because the application is running on the browser, the development
Is performed in accordance with the target browsers. The newest jQuery mobile version (today) is 1.3.0
Applications Nativ
Applications installed on the devices themselves are developed in many ways
A huge number of versions of operating systems are available on the market.
The main languages ​​are:
For devices with android systems: JAVA
Example of a JAVA program that prints: Hello World

public class Example {
public static void main (String [] args) {
System.out.println (& quot; Hello World & quot;);

For devices with iOS systems: Objective C
An example of an Objective C program that prints Hello World

int main (int argc, const char * argv []) {
printf (& quot; Hello World \ n & quot;);
return 0;

For devices with a Windows Phone system: C #,

Example of a C # program that prints: Hello World

public class Example {
public static void Main () {
System.Console.WriteLine (& quot; Hello World & quot;);

Android Applications
As of today’s data (March 2013), most of the world market share in smartphones is in the system
Android that reached over 70% at the end of 2012, as published at: http://techcrunch.com thus in a manner
It’s very logical – the demand for Android developers has grown more and more.
As mentioned earlier, Android development can be done in a number of different ways, when the most common
Today it is in JAVA language with Eclipse’s IDE developed specifically for him and adaptable ADT
Download directly from the Andrew site.
Android Development Tools – is an plugin (plug-in) for IDE (in this case Eclipse) created
An integrated environment for Android application development in a fast and effective way. Last version is correct
Today (March 2013): ADT 21.1.0
Because of the intensively sized need for Android developers, Google engineers work day by day to improve
Primework for Android development.
Framework The concept of a working environment (in programming) refers to libraries and / or universal software
Which constitutes a development infrastructure using reusable libraries and tools for the development of various applications and software.
In Android development – this concept refers to IDE + SDK + ADT and / or any other relevant directories
For the development of a specific product.
Development for Android has become so convenient and friendly that today it is very easy to move to this environment, for example – if
In the past, the developer who wanted to write a basic application for Android had to collect several parts (of
Development puzzle) such as IDE and SDK compatible.
Integrated Development Environment – An integrated development environment – software designed to serve
The programmer provides a convenient working environment for developing software and applications, such as Eclipse. Part
IDE also integrates a compiler and interferter (sail) as in the case of Eclipse, which allows for cost
Some of the bugs are still compiling and running the program.